Volkswagen fans are going to want to head to Denmark on May 28th for the chance to bid on a pristine 1974 Beetle with just 90 km/h on the odometer. Yeah—this Bug is basically brand-new.

The 1303 model Beetle was registered new in Italy by – and we know this sounds like a cliché – an old man who used it solely to get to church and back, according to Silverstone Auctions.

Armando Sgroi rust-proofed the thing and then only used it about four years before he became physically incapable of driving. So he parked it.

The car not only still has its original tires, it has the original engine oil in the block! Silverstone will be selling it at their Classic Race Aarhus auction, and expect it to go for $45,000.

(Silverstone Auctions via Autoblog)


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