Rapper 50 Cent said late July that if the BBC’d let him host it, he could turn their motoring program Top Gear back into one of the world’s most popular TV shows.

“I would love to work on Top Gear, I could save that show for sure, but it would cost them,” the U.K.‘s Daily Star quoted the artist, real name Curtis Jackson.

“There ain’t a car I haven’t owned over the years, my car collection is as good as anybody’s out there.”

The most recent season of the show, helmed for the first time by British radio personality Chris Evans and TV actor Matt LeBlanc, saw some of its worst viewership numbers ever. Critics widely panned Evans’ “shouty” style and LeBlanc’s bored demeanor.

Evans has left the program, and the BBC has confirmed it is not looking to replace him with another host, leaving LeBlanc in charge of the program formerly captained by Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

Top Gear was one of the world’s iconic shows and it’s a shame it came to this,” 50 Cent said of the past season.

“The show since the old team left has been unrecognisable and if it don’t get back to where is should be soon then it may never recover.”

(via the Daily Star)


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