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Aston Martin to build 25 new DB4 G.T. racers

Also: Collector selling 22 Chrysler LeBaron Convertibles(?) on craigslist; Acura NSX purchase includes video of your car’s build

Ferrari's new Japan-only J50 special is sexy-retro-futuristic

Also: Brand-new Honda S2000 somehow sold in Australia this past November; Ken Block shows Matt LeBlanc around London—sideways

Last LaFerrari auction raises $7 million for charity

Also: Rolls-Royce teases upcoming SUV with camo’d photos; Lexus lights up sedan with LED skin

PEI police to punish drunk drivers with Nickelback music

Also: Audi builds one-off R8 for Final Fantasy fans; atheist in Kentucky sues over “IM GOD” vanity licence plates

Chinese police give high-beams abusers taste of their own medicine

Also: Stunt driver does entire Nurburgring in car tilted on two wheels; 1,100-plus Ram pickups set largest truck parade record

Toronto's INKAS unveils Hummer-dwarfing armored Hudson APC

Also: Woman’s stolen car returned with apology note and gas money after mix-up; Ford show car ends up in dealer lot, then enthusiast’s hands

Nissan takes over Mitsubishi by buying remaining stake

Also: Toronto Porsche dealer turns hospital bed into racecar; 205-mph electric Corvette starts at $750,000

Clarkson, Hammond and May's 'Grand Tour' trailer looks fantastic

Also: German government body wants to ban gas cars by 2030; Henrik Fisker to relaunch electric car company next year

Lower your funereal carbon footprint with a Tesla hearse

Also: Land Rover takes world record for largest Lego structure; comedian Adam Carolla selling off tasteful Lamborghini collection

McLaren offers pure-electric open-top P1 (for six-year-olds)

Also: Ford uses A/C condensation for in-car tap water; VW Beetle hits 320 km/h for new world record

'Forza Horizon 3' driving across Canada to pull off player-selected car stunts

Also: Single-seat Vancouver-built electric car makes debut; DeLorean driver issued ticket going 89 mph, time travel failed

Canadian couple takes epic burnout wedding photo

Also: Ripped-off veteran gets Mustang restored for free; nine new AC Cobras to be built to original specs

Ford offers Focus RS owners free performance driving school

Also: Legendary hot rodder’s son sets speed record his dad couldn’t; girl cries tears of joy when dad reveals DeLorean is theirs

Montreal tuner builds the least tasteful Benz ever

Also: Ford GT production extended another two years for a total 1,000-car run; converted Corvette sets 200-mph record for fastest street-legal electric car

Elvis Presley's BMW 507 restored to original condition

Also: Iconic American microcar goes on sale (or, its blueprints do); Buick Y-Job concept car joins National Historic Vehicle Register

Rapper 50 Cent thinks he can save 'Top Gear'

Also: British carmaker Bristol back with a Bullet; Tesla’s new range to include electric “minibus” based on Model X

This Canadian made his own jet-powered Ferrari clone

Also: Hot Wheels builds spaceship X-Wing-based hot rod for comic con; Ford experimenting with using tequila byproducts in its plastics

Mercedes-Benz unveils golf cart that 'stands for modern luxury'

Also: Victoria dealership opens Canada’s first Certified Porsche Classic center; man transforms white Express van into luxury studio apartment

LaFerrari loses its top; all examples already sold

Also: B.C. okays fenderless hot rods for the street; BMW gives assembly line workers “Iron Man” suit to reduce fatigue

Lyft offering rides in Ecto-1 'Ghostbuster' Caddies this weekend

Also: Record-setting diamond-studded tires cost $777,000; Hamann performance parts come to Canada via Pfaff

Saab officially dead as new owners run with 'NEVS' name instead

Also: Paris car ban gets an exception for 30-year-old classics; spiritual leader builds his own Bugatti out of Honda Accord

LEGO releases new, more-accurate Beetle set for $99

Also: 727-hp Mustangs selling at rate of three or more a day; inaccurate Minority Report replica movie car doesn’t sell on eBay

UAE man pays $6.2 million for custom licence plate

Also: Michael Bay unveils newest iteration of “Bumblebee” ‘Transformers’ character; LAPD orders 100 police-spec BMW i3 electric cars

McLaren's upcoming EV may be first road-legal 200-mph electric

Also: Canadian Chrysler exec Reid Bigland may take over FCA in 2018; Australian man looking to trade wheel of cheese for manual car

We want to go on one of these epic Pfaff vacations

Also: First Camaro ever built to be put on display this summer; Tesla hires Nova Scotia-based leading battery researcher

This 90-km '74 Beetle for sale still has the original engine oil

Also: 1957 Chevrolet gets overhauled with two BMW V12s; dad pranks kid with Tesla’s Summon auto-drive feature