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Latest automotive news

Uber is buying thousands of self-driving cars from Volvo

The ride-sharing company wants to set up its own taxi fleet, and it’s starting with the Volvo XC90

This Chinese brand wants to be U.S.' first (once it changes names)

Trumpchi wants to expand its successful vehicle line outside of China’s borders and bring its cars to North America

This racecar engineering firm just built its first street car

Italy’s Dallara has built chassis for cars in a tonne of racing series, but their latest effort is street-legal

Tesla's reborn Roadster may be world’s quickest production car

Massive torque turns sports car into 402-km/h rocket capable of sub-two-second zero-to-100-km/h pulls

Range Rover Sport to become first-ever hybrid Land Rover

Upscale SUV lineup is updated for 2018 and will add plug-in model in 2019

Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro customers get F1 driver training

The new track-onlyversion of the British automaker’s hypercar is designed to keep up with Formula One and LMP cars

Toyota predicts combustion engines will disappear by 2050

Tighter emissions rules and EV advancements will spell the end of fossil-fueled cars, according to exec

‘GRABHER’ plates owner builds case via ‘vulgar’ government ads

Nova Scotia retiree submits affidavit arguing government definitions of “socially unacceptable” are hypocritical in bid to get personalized licence plates reinstated

Tesla's new 'Chill Mode' is the opposite of Ludicrous

A new Chill Mode setting dials back powertrain response for more relaxed performance

This is what the 500-hp Porsche 911 restomodded by Singer looks like

The 964 will be home to the modified flat-six Singer and the Williams F1 team collaborated on earlier this year

Auction features Paul McCartney’s DB5 (oh, and Ringo’s Mini)

James Bond-style car bought new by former Beatle expected to fetch more than $2 million at Bonhams sale in December

New flame-throwing 2019 Corvette ZR1 is the fastest yet

The latest iteration of the ZR1 boasts the most power and tech a Corvette’s ever seen

Ford is patenting off-road self-driving tech for its trucks

Truck would warn passengers to exit when it senses terrain could be dangerous so it can cross it autonomously

Want to better your new vehicle's resale value? Order it in yellow

New study indicates yellow cars depreciate less quickly than those painted more conservative colours

$175,000 Nissan GT-R likely killed by—leaves?

Sports car catches fire during Autumn drive along Tail of the Dragon, may have overheated after ingesting foliage

Listen: This is the song all future Nissan EVs will sing

The Japanese company’s IMx concept previews the warning sound all of its electric cars will make

The Jeep Trackhawk is actually faster than the Dodge Demon

Key to boxy SUV’s higher speed really a function of the limits imposed by the dragster’s rubber

BMW issues big recalls to fix components that could catch fire

More than half of all BMWs sold in six-year span may be affected by climate control wiring and emissions control issue

Austin-Healey with 24k gold-plated trim to cross auction block

“Goldie” contest car on sale early December for an estimated $350,000 to half-million

The Terzo Millennio shows us the future of Lamborghini

Supercapacitor-powered concept car the result of a collaboration between Lamborghini and MIT

Used Bugatti Chiron for sale, asking $6 mil, no low-ballers

Second-hand hypercar listed for a value 50-percent higher than new so buyers can ‘jump the queue’

This steam-powered Jeep makes unbelievable torque

The Loco Hauk can’t go fast, or far, but if you want sheer pulling power, it’s tough to beat steam

Koenigsegg sets new production car speed record at 447 km/h

Swedish hypercar makes run in Nevada on blocked-off highway, smashes Bugatti record

This track accessory might be the easiest way to drift your Focus

Because the car’s Drift Mode wasn’t enough, Ford will now install a Drift Stick handbrake in your hot hatch

Dodge Challenger Demons built on Friday the 13th go up in flames

Three cars consumed by hellfire on Hallowe’en to be replaced by extended production run

A lot of Millenials say they'll never buy a self-driving car: survey

With age comes resistance to the technology that will eventually make fully autonomous cars possible