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Latest automotive news

Chevrolet wants to build your next truck with carbon-fibre

GM is looking to the exotic material as a means of cutting weight in its Chevrolet Silverado trucks

Porsche Panamera customers mostly buy the hybrid model

The German luxury car manufacturer says sales of its plug-in hybrid models have far exceeded expectations

This new McLaren ‘Ultimate Series’ car looks absolutely bonkers

The barely-road-legal 2018 Senna boasts 789 horsepower, a $1.3-million price tag, and yet-to-be-revealed performance figures

Car-sharing platform car2go will phase out its smart cars

As the city car moves toward electric-only, the company will start to offer other gas-powered vehicles instead

Mystery driver apologizes, sends cash for hit-and-run—30 years late

The note of atonement arrived in the mail slot of a Minnesota police department in an envelope along with $1,000 cash

Ford’s 2018 F-450 may be Canada's most powerful heavy-duty truck

Automaker’s new Super Duty boasts impressive specs it says net it five class-leading titles, including best-in-class power, torque, and towing capacity

'Pokemon Go' may have caused hundreds of traffic deaths

A Purdue University study determined the augmented reality game is part of a disturbing upward trend in the number of traffic fatalities

Volvo will let Canadians rent this car instead of buying it

New subscription service Care by Volvo coming to Canada in 2018 makes owning an XC40 more like owning a phone

McLaren now offers a snow tire so you can winter your supercar

The British sports car maker has worked with Pirelli to develop a winter tire just for its models

Saleen's newest model is an entry-level 450-hp supercar

The boutique manufacturer that started doing high-performance Ford mods is back with the sexy S1

Ford sues John Cena for selling his new GT after just one month

Automaker going after famous wrestler for profits made off of the sale of his $450,000 supercar

Volkswagen IDs its next electric vehicle

The ID Crozz concept revealed in LA signals VW is ready to shift into the EV mainstream

The Lamborghini Urus is the world’s first ‘super SUV’

Truck features Italian automaker’s first turbocharged engine, is the fastest SUV available

This British coachbuilder will turn your Tesla into a station wagon

Believe it or not, Qwest’s custom wagon design for the high-performance electric car was conceived in a pub

Man forgets where he parks car, finds it 20 years later

Frankfurt man contacted by authorities when his long-lost car finally showed up in a warehouse slated for demolishing

Toronto looks to fill out road safety budget with crowdfunding

Road safety plan suggests soliciting e-donations from citizens who like it when people aren’t injured on city roads

Porsche techs will soon be able to diagnose cars from miles away

Tech Live Look uses augmented reality to remotely connect the company’s dealer technicians to a support team

Lexus' new LS comes with Origami hand-folded upholstery

Luxury automaker’s newest flagship ups the interior design game with fabric panels inspired by Japanese artform

West Coast Customs tries to recreate a 1917 Mitsubishi—and fails

Japanese automaker commissions replica to celebrate anniversary, ends up with veritable assault on our eyeballs

Four in ten Canadians still not using winter tires on their cars

Outside of Quebec, drivers in Atlantic Canada most likely to equip vehicle with winter tires; Manitoba and Saskatchewan the worst

Ford is building a plug-in hybrid Fusion police cruiser

The Blue Oval’s latest hybrid model is designed with law enforcement in mind (just not for pursuits)

This six-wheeled SUV accelerates like a sports car

The Devel Sixty is designed for rich people with places to go in a hurry, whether on-road or off

This American-made sports car is road-legal but built to race

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus unveils 650-horsepower three-seater and its plans to build a few hundred per year

The Lincoln MKC just got a facelift for 2019

Luxury brand ditches old winged grille and loads up SUV with tech for mild refresh

The next Volkswagen Beetle will probably be electric

Executives considering battery-powered rear-drive platform for re-launch of iconic model

The 2018 Vantage is Aston Martin’s 503-hp entry-level sports car

AMG-powered sports car uses aerodynamics to nail 3.5-second zero-to-100 km/h times; on sale early 2018