California’s West Coast Customs has revealed the replica 1917 Mitsubishi Model A the Japanese automaker commissioned them to build earlier this spring—and it looks absolutely terrible in every way.

The “Re-Model A” was supposed to be a tribute to the company’s 100-year anniversary; since it doesn’t have any actual examples of its first-ever car, the Model A, it decided to have the well-known custom shop build a recreation, explains

We’re not sure if it was West Coast Customs or Mitsubishi Motors North America representatives that suggested the replica be built on a modern Outlander plug-in hybrid chassis, but regardless, the poor choice of platform still doesn’t excuse the aberration the two companies have collectively unleashed unto the world.

The automaker did it much better in 1972 when it commissioned automotive journalist Eizo Ikeda and automotive historian Heitatsu Igarashi to thoroughly research and help recreate the Model A on a then-new Jeep chassis.

That car lives in the Mitsubishi Motors Japan collection, and is perhaps the best example to compare the hideous Re-Model A to.


The list of things wrong on this car is just too long, but suffice it to say, a square grille and round headlamps does not a pre-war car make. From the garish gold finish on the radiator and trim; to the way-off proportions and too-wide wheels, we’re still trying not to lose our lunch looking at this thing.

The lesson I hope Mitsubishi North America has learned, here, is when it comes to honouring 100 years in business, don’t trust any part of your celebration to a shop known for a TV show called Pimp My Ride.

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