Volvo will bring to Canada a new service that will let customers “subscribe” to a new 2019 XC40 for a monthly fee instead of buying it outright or leasing it.

The Care by Volvo service, coming to Canada in 2018, includes taxes and insurance and in some areas may include complimentary pickup and drop-off for service, cleaning, and refuelling (though the gas bill is on you).

The XC40’s new digital key will let subscribers share their car with friends and family, too, and the service will apparently grow to include other digital services as well.

The standard monthly fee, which will be a flat rate the same across Canada, lets XC40 customers avoid having to negotiate or to pay additional fees as they would when normally buying a car. However, Volvo Canada hasn’t yet revealed specifically what this rate will be.

Care by Volvo launched in Italy in September, and will hit Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Norway, Poland and the United States before it comes to Canada.

Several other automakers are implementing similar programs, like Audi’s Audi on Demand pilot project in San Francisco, or Cadillac’s BOOK service it started testing earlier this year in New York. Porsche began testing a $2,000-per-month Passport service in Atlanta this October.