Amid rumours Volkswagen’s next electric vehicle would be a retro revival of the Microbus or Beetle, the manufacturer has revealed what its first mainstream EV will really look like via a concept it showed at the recent LA auto show.

Called ID Crozz, the concept is a crossover with a rakish roofline that brings to mind vehicles like the BMW X4 and Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe.

While its design includes a number of elements that won’t make it to production – there are no side mirrors, and the rear doors slide like those on a van – its specs make a number of notable promises.

Among those is a driving range of about 480 km, a number that rivals Tesla’s upscale electric models. That comes courtesy an 83-kWh battery that feeds two electric motors, one for each axle, to provide AWD traction and about 300 hp.

The ID Crozz is based on the EV platform that will eventually underpin a range of 15 vehicles to be sold worldwide, including a possible Beetle revival that could be a rear-driver.

VW said it specifically designed the architecture to support front-, all-, and rear-wheel drive designs. In the ID Crozz’s case, the powertrain would operate primarily in RWD and transfer torque frontward when it’s necessary.

VW’s latest concept also previews the brand’s self-driving system, which brings to the ID Crozz a retractable steering wheel along with radar and ultrasonic sensors, roof-top laser scanners and cameras mounted front, sides and rear. Details are otherwise sketchy, but VW says that system won’t be ready for primetime until 2025.

(via Consumer Reports)