Ever wondered as a car buyer what it would be like to give the dealers a run for their money?

Well, that experience comes from Unhaggle.com, a Canadian automotive pricing research and data firm which recently launched the “Unhaggle Average Market Price” – the company’s latest in easing the burden of new car shopping.

The idea for the new shopping tool simple: Car buyers log onto Unhaggle.com to see what others have paid for the same car they want in their local area and compare quotes for free – this way they can negotiate smarter and avoid overpaying.

Behind it all is Unhaggle CEO and Co-Founder Andrew Tai, who says he grew tired of the complex and stressful experience of having to negotiate (or haggling) when trying to find a great deal on his own new car.

As a response, Tai launched Unhaggle.com in 2011 as a way to help car buyers make better, more informed purchases.

“Rarely does a consumer pay full MSRP for a new car, almost everyone expects a discount. That’s why negotiating has been such an ingrained part of the car buying process since the first dealership was opened,” Tai said.

The online service can also work both ways. At the car buyer’s request, Unhaggle can facilitate an online referral to its own certified local dealer network to provide even more accurate data and confirm inventory availability.

“As a dealer, it makes my job much easier when a consumer is well informed,” says JP Ostiguy, an Unhaggle certified dealer who serves York region and the greater Toronto area.

In 2011, Unhaggle was the first service to provide Canadian consumers with free access to dealer invoice price reports that showed the wholesale price at which dealerships purchased new vehicles from automakers.

(via Unhaggle.com)