Insane supercar builder Devel revealed its latest creation this month, the Sixty, a six-wheeled SUV that accelerates like a sports car and will set you back a cool half million bucks.

Devel pulled the wraps off the Sixty at the Dubai Motor show, the only suitable venue for a vehicle that represents the most excessive kind of excess. A 6.7-litre diesel V8 doesn’t sound that extravagant, but its 700-hp output does, along with the 5.8-second zero-to-96 km/h (zero-to-60 mph) it promises.

But in a remarkable show of restraint, Devel says the Sixty is limited to a top speed of 150 km/h, likely a good thing given this truck doesn’t exactly hug the pavement.

Then again, the Sixty isn’t designed for pavement: It’s got military-grade tires with a central inflation system and portal axles to tackle whatever terrain you can find, plus two winches, night vision cameras front and rear, and, just in case you get in way over your head, 24-hour emergency roadside assistance.

Devel says it will customize the Sixty’s limousine-like interior just about any way you like, but standard kit includes heated seats, cameras, USB input, and Bluetooth. Access to the passenger compartment is through a private jet-like door with retractable steps.

Six-wheeled trucks are a common theme these days. Mercedes-Benz started the trend with a 6×6 version of its G-Class, and performance customizer Hennessey followed suit with a six-wheel drive Ford F-150 Raptor.

But the Sixty arguably isn’t even Devel’s most extreme machine. That title goes to the Sixteen, a prototype hypercar that boasts up to 5,000 hp(!) and an alleged nearly 500 km/h top speed from a V16 engine.

We’re going to wait to see it actually drive before we do a story on that one, though.

(via The Sun)