Dallara, an Italian engineering firm renowned for the race car chassis its built for Indycar, Formula One, and IMSA series, has just pulled the covers off its first street car, the Stradale, a 400-horsepower sports car with a curb weight of just 1,885 pounds.

Twenty of the 45-year-old company’s engineers and mechanics worked for two years developing the Stradale, which is allegedly capable of cornering forces up to 2.0 Gs, explains Automotive News.

Company founder and president Giampaola Dallara says the vehicle is super-simple and light, with the base version lacking even a windshield or doors. Customers interested in touring can add both of those things, and even a T-bar-style roof to make into a targa-type roadster, or gullwing-style doors for a real coupe.

Track-focused buyers can instead add on a rear wing for increased downforce; or a bolt-on suspension upgrade.

The 855-kg (1,885-lb) carbon-fibre-bodied car comes standard with a six-speed manual, though an automatic transmission is available. It’s mated to a Ford EcoBoost-based 2.3-litre inline-four mounted in the middle. Speed tops out at 280 km/h (174 mph) and a zero-to-100 km/h run can be pulled off in 3.45 seconds.

The company plans to build about 600 cars, of which 100 have already been claimed. The price starts at about $177,000 US for the base model.

(Dallara via Automotive News)