Denmark’s REC has launched its latest line of automobile-themed watches, which it has dubbed the P-51 Collection as a nod to the source material—1960s-era Ford Mustangs.

REC says it can make as many as 250 watches from the steel roof, door, and hood panels of a classic ‘Stang, but these are no mass-produced timepieces.

Each watch comes with an NFC chip and a QR code that tell the story of the car whose metal went into it. REC says it dives deep to learn the history of each Mustang, tracing it back to the original owner, if they can, and presenting the story in a short video.


That’s part of what makes these watches special and well-suited as a gift for a passionate Mustang enthusiast. It also helps justify the fact that each watch retails for about $1,500.

REC makes it clear that “no cars (are) harmed in the process,” indicating that they only use materials from cars that are beyond repair, rather than sacrificing classics that could benefit from restoration.


As the photos show, the watch faces are made to look like the instrument panel of a ’60s car, and each timepiece is fitted with a replica of the VIN of the car whose metal was used.

This isn’t REC’s first roll around the block making watches from reclaimed cars. Its Cooper and Mark I collections come from vintage Mini Coopers, and the 901 Collection models are made from Porsche 911s.

(via Digital Trends and REC Watches)