Aston Martin pulled the covers off of its new entry-level 2018 Vantage late November, a clean-sheet stylistic overhaul inspired by the James Bond Spectre DB10 and driven by a Mercedes-AMG-sourced 503-horsepower twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8.

The new Vantage – which replaces the V8 Vantage in production since 2005 – is apparently based on the same aluminum platform as the DB11, even though 70 percent of its parts are unique.

This lower-in-the-range model sees that aforementioned V8 pushed as far back in the chassis as possible, giving the 1,530-kg (3,373-lb) car a perfect 50-50 weight distribution.

An eight-speed ZF automatic backs up that engine and, via first-for-an-Aston torque-vectoring, sends it to the rear wheels. The rubber around those wheels then turns that torque into a blistering 3.5-second zero-to-100 km/h time. Top speed is 313 km/h (195 mph).

To better explain those numbers, the other half of the equation, here, are some superb aerodynamics. There are no wings on the car, but there is an integrated front splitter and a rear diffuser.

Prices will start at about $150,000 US, and deliveries are expected to begin in spring 2018.

(Aston Martin)