Photo courtesy Andrew Wilkins/The Independent

Before he left the car with them, he popped open the glove box and found the answer to his problem: industrious squirrels had hidden a large number of acorns in there and under the hood of the Volkswagen Golf.

The rodents’ work hadn’t damaged the car beyond some chewed underhood sound insulation, but it did take a mechanic about two hours to clean the acorns out, at a cost of nearly CAD$300.

“You can imagine my surprise,” said Wilkins when telling the story to the UK’s Independent newspaper. “I told one of the mechanics to take a look and he said: ‘What the ****?’ Within 30 seconds, all ten of the garage’s mechanics were gathered around the car having a laugh.”

A Michigan man discovered a similar situation in early December of last year, when a squirrel used his Jeep’s engine compartment to store acorns and pine cones. (Story is in French.)

While Wilkins probably wasn’t thrilled about such an expense right after a relaxing vacation, he said he recognizes the squirrels were just doing their best to get ready for winter.

“I had some squirrel squatters for a month. I feel bad – I ruined their winter and all their hard work.”

(Via The Independent)