Mercedes-AMG is beginning to think about the sort of pedestrian-alerting noise its future electric cars will project—and is turning to California rock band Linkin Park for assistance.

Near-silent electric vehicles pose a hazard to passersby who can’t hear them, so several automakers are looking at making their EVs blare an artificial sound to get pedestrians’ attention.

Mercedes-AMG is delving deeper into that process now, but hasn’t decided whether it wants its battery-powered cars to make a simulated engine noise or some other sound. What it does know is it wants Linkin Park, one of its “Partners in Performance,” to provide their input, reports Australia’s Wheels.

The Daimler brand has had a relationship with the band for several years, so it makes sense Mercedes-AMG would leverage that connection, explained CEO Tobias Moers.

“We sell emotions and sound is really a crucial part of emotion so what we do is work on artificial sounds because you have to,” he told Wheels.

The collaboration could mark some of the band’s first work since lead singer Chester Bennington (far left in the above photo) died by suicide in summer 2017.

The sound team at work on the project has already drawn on the expertise from people in the video game and film-making industries, but is hoping Linkin Park can help make sure the sound remains palatable to pedestrians.

Nissan recently showed off its solution to the problem, a “song” that all future Nissan EVs will sing.

(via Wheels)