Kahn Design is a British coachworks company well-known for its low-volume, big-money versions of cars from brands like Land Rover, Aston Martin, and even Jeep.

But the company’s next project is a whopper: a six-wheeled Land Rover Defender 110 pickup with a convertible roof over an open rear section, the latest member of Kahn’s Flying Huntsman line of super-exclusive SUVs.

This is not new territory for Kahn. Two years ago it began selling a vehicle it calls the Flying Huntsman 110 WB 6×6 Double Cab Pickup, which itself was based on an SUV model with an enclosed rear that houses a third row of seats. There’s also a Flying Huntsman model based on the smaller Land Rover Defender 90.

Now, Kahn has reinstalled that larger model’s third row under a fabric roof that peels back to turn the Flying Huntsman into a rolling observatory.

Kahn is quick to point out this model is so far just a teaser, with more details to come, but we do know this truck is likely to be lively thanks to a 500-hp LS3 V8 sourced from GM. It will also be fitted with a wide-body kit that will add six inches to the Defender 110’s girth, making it doubly difficult to navigate a typical European city’s narrow streets.

The Flying Huntsman pickup was notable at its 2015 release for a price tag that severely undercut that of the SUV it was based on (not to mention that of the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen 6×6) but we expect this latest member of the Flying Huntsman family to be the most expensive one yet for its combination of luxurious three-row seating and its open-air cabin.