Jaguar says it will keep making sports cars after the current F-Type’s run is over, and that whatever car replaces it will have an electrified powertrain.

You’re no doubt hearing the word “electrified” a lot these days in auto industry-related discussions, and there’s good reason for it: car manufacturers are working hard to stay in — if not ahead of — the electric vehicle curve as the world’s cities and even entire nations are pledging to eliminate the sale of combustion-powered vehicles in a bid to improve air quality.

But Jaguar apparently doesn’t like the look of a future where all personal vehicles are SUVs, crossovers, and tiny city cars.

“There is something very emotional about a sports car that conveys the ultimate in the sense of performance and design,” Jag design boss Ian Callum told Auto News. “There are a number of people in the world who think sports cars are finished because SUVs can get around a corner as quick as a sports car can, technology being what it is.”

Jaguar announced in early September that as of 2020, all of its cars would be driven at least in part by electricity, following the lead of essentially every other European car manufacturer: Volvo made the first move with an announcement all of its new vehicles starting in 2019 would be electric or hybrid-powered, and prompted the rest of the Continent’s automakers to fall in line.

Callum’s move to keep sporty cars alive in a future era of electrification will be helped by companies like Tesla, which has proven electric cars can be fast and fun to drive.

Jag’s first EV will arrive before 2020 in the form of the I-Pace, an electric crossover that promises 400 hp and enough juice to go 350 km on a charged battery.

(via Automotive News)