Despite the fact it hasn’t yet released the street-legal version of its Valkyrie hypercar, Aston Martin has already revealed it will build a track-only AMR Pro version as well, one able to keep pace with Formula One cars or top-class Le Mans prototypes.

CEO Andy Palmer had previously mentioned the Valkyrie would see a 150-unit run capped off by a 25-unit track car series, but in mid-November the automaker revealed how those track cars would be honed by the Red Bull racing team.

Red Bull F1 designer Adrian Newey said the AMR Pro version is free from the constraints holding the street-legal version back, and won’t be built to meet any particular motorsports rules either—in other words, it’s a no-holds-barred ultimate-car effort.

The naturally aspirated 1,130-horsepower 6.5-liter V12 engine will be given a significant but undisclosed horsepower bump, and with no mufflers or emissions controls will be much louder than the road car.

Every surface on the car has been honed for aerodynamics, but the AMR Pro Valkyrie also gets a larger front and rear wing for more downforce. The suspension sees some new components, and the road car has been put on the strictest diet, losing weight in ways we didn’t think possible.

All this will result in a car good for better than 400 km/h (250 mph) and for cornering G-forces of 3.3G. Those forces are so extreme, Aston Martin will offer owners access to Red Bull Racing’s F1 driver training facilities, so they can better cope with the strain on their bodies.

All 25 cars have already been spoken for. When the car debuts in 2020, all owners will be invited to special track events set up just for the model.

(Aston Martin)