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Latest automotive news

This simple adjustment will make you safer

Sit right down

Play it safe and avoid these 14 common driving mistakes

Don’t let a silly mistake cause you or someone you care about harm.

Winter tires in summer: 5 reasons it’s a bad idea

Why you need to take your winter tires off now

Your modern car might be snack food for rodents

The use of natural materials in vehicle construction may be good for the environment, but it can make your car more attractive to wildlife looking for a snack.

Audi reveals its all-new 2019 A6 ahead of Geneva debut

Audi has pulled the virtual covers off its reimagined mid-size A6 sedan, providing details about new mild hybrid drivetrains, a sharper chassis and new tech features.

Arsonist torches Porsche Cayenne in Toronto driveway

Toronto police are asking the public for help in identifying the suspect in an arson case that saw a luxury SUV go up in flames.

David Bowie's Volvo 262 C just sold for more than $270,000

A rare Volvo owned by late rock star and cultural icon David Bowie has sold at auction for three times its estimated value.

Squirrels go nuts on vacationing man's car

After returning home from vacation, Andrew Wilkins’ first stop was the mechanic’s shop to have them figure out why his car’s transmission was difficult to shift.

This town in Norway is testing auto-dimming street lights

A stretch of highway in Norway is serving as a test bed for streetlights that dim automatically when there’s no traffic on the road.

Do Audi's cars look too much alike?

The German automaker says future models will share fewer design elements in order to stand out better from one another

Mercedes-AMG turning to Linkin Park to help make fake car noises

California rock band to help German carmaker craft a sound for its electric vehicles to make to alert pedestrians

Christmas decorations on your car are costing you in fuel

Wind tunnel testing shows fake antlers and grille-mounted wreaths measurably reduce your vehicle’s aerodynamic efficiency

Gatineau, Quebec police tickets man for leaving his car unlocked

Quebec’s Highway Safety Code makes it illegal to walk away from your car without locking it.

Here's another flying car that'll definitely be built, yep

Oregon-based Samson says its Switchblade will be ready to hit the road and take to the skies in 2018

Volvo slows down autonomous car program so it can get it right

Automaker to put prototypes in the hands of 100 consumers for testing before launching self-driving cars in 2021

This is the redesigned 2019 Jeep Cherokee

Mid-size SUV gets mild facelift—could ‘more efficient powertrains’ promised hint at a hybrid?

Have you ever wondered what a zero-star crash test looks like?

The Fiat Punto, a veritable relic somehow still for sale, demonstrates how much collision safety has improved in just 10 years

Stranded family says tire pressure sensors should be law in Canada

Tire pressure monitoring systems have been standard in cars sold in the U.S. for a decade, but still aren’t north of the border

The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado might just be the truck you want

Next-gen GM pickup’s appearance revealed at centennial event, debuting new lifted Trailboss trim

These watches made out of classic Mustangs tell a story

Each timepiece uses reclaimed materials from 60s-era pony cars

Supercar sales jump as the number of millionaires surges

Ferrari set to double the number of shifts in its factories next year, and may soon break 10,000 units in annual production

Lotus’ former CEO is building a new Pantera out of a Lamborghini

Coachbuilder launches new halo car taking design inspiration from classic Italian-American sports car

Kahn Design will now add a convertible roof to your 6x6 SUV

The tuner’s newest Flying Huntsman trim is a droptop based on a pickup truck that’s based on an SUV

A new Florida law might make it illegal to have your car stolen

Bill suggests hitting car owners with a fine and jail time if their vehicle is carjacked while the keys are in it

Hennessey will turn your Corvette ZR1 into a 1,200-hp monster

The 2019 ZR1 was revealed a month ago, but the Texas tuner already has plans to make Chevy’s most powerful car beastlier

Even hypercars like the Bugatti Chiron get recalled

Automaker says 47 examples of multi-million-dollar two-seater may be affected by poor seat welds