The Tesla Model X’s power-closing doors are the subject of Nyland’s latest video, in which he subjects various foodstuffs to the ignominious fate of being chopped and/or squished by the car’s traditional front doors, the falcon-wing rear doors and the tailgate.

After a quick exposition of the tools he’ll use for the test, Nyland and his friends waste no time in demonstrating what happens when a carrot gets in the way of the Model X’s fast-closing front door.

Nyland is a prolific Youtuber, and while most of his videos have to do with his Tesla, we highlighted a recent one that looked at a Norwegian pilot test of auto-dimming streetlights.

Aside from a few too many wiener jokes, what seems like a silly idea is actually a sound demonstration of the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of Tesla’s efforts to avoid unintentional digital amputation at the hands (or is that doors?) of the Model X.