Mobilized to rescue a man who was threatening to end his life by jumping from a highway overpass, Michigan State Police officers got creative by enlisting the help of truckers.

The incident took place in the suburbs of Detroit, on the night of this past Tuesday, when a total of 13 trucks answered the call.

After closing the section of Highway 696 where the scene was unfolding, the authorities lined up the tractor trailers under the bridge, the idea being to cut the distance between the suicidal man and the asphalt below, in order to make the impact less violent.

In the end, he did not jump.

After talking with the cops for a few hours, the individual accepted their help a little before dawn. A law enforcement official confirmed that he had been taken to the hospital.

Officers from Huntington Woods led the operation, supported by those from Oak Park.

Lieutenant Michael Shaw said that truckers are used to cooperating with county law enforcement, but it is very rare for so many good Samaritans to be involved in a single crisis, as they were in this case.

(Via Boston Globe, Fox2Detroit, and MSP Metro Detroit.