The Project Clubsport 23 is a current-generation 370Z that Nissan put together to showcase the range of aftermarket modifications available through its own Nissan Motorsports catalog and from third-party suppliers.

Key among those is a 3.0L, twin-turbo V6 borrowed from Nissan’s upscale Infiniti brand. Under the Z’s hood, it produces the same 400 hp it makes in the Infiniti Q50 and Q60 models, but is mated for the first time to a manual transmission, thanks to an aftermarket clutch.

We could get into the details about the car’s competition seats and racing harnesses, cold-air engine intake and bespoke exhaust system, but to us, Nissan’s use of that engine — and the effort required to make it work in the Z’s engine bay — means that the twin-turbo engine (which Nissan calls the VR30DDTT) could be what powers the next generation of Z.

Each successive version of the Z has borne a different numerical name based on the engine’s displacement, but seeing as 300ZX has already been used, we think the twin-turbo engine’s power output will inspire a new 400Z badge for Nissan’s entry-level sports car.

All that said, it is entirely possible the turbo engine will be an option in the Z and that the current 370Z (and its 350-hp, 3.7L V6) will be carried over so that Nissan can continue to offer the car at a price similar to today’s CAD$29,998 starting tag.

The Project Clubsport 23 is on display at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 20 through November 2.