On Tuesday, Sébastien Doucet donned a dressing gown and flip-flops and walked out of his house with a box of cereal in one hand and a jug of milk in the other.

Filmed by an accomplice, the resident of 16th Avenue in the Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie neighbourhood sat down next to one of his street’s many potholes, poured in his Froot Loops and milk and tucked in.

After all, even the most rebellious among us know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Curious to know his motivations, Autofocus spoke to him.

“I had the idea two weeks ago, but it was only yesterday [Tuesday] that the opportunity came up to film the scene. The lightbulb came on after driving through a pothole with my car, “says Sébastien.

“It’s part of my effort to make my craziest ideas come true in order to make a point in a humorous way,” he adds.

This is a nice guy who lives his life (and enjoys his Froot Loops) to the fullest.

Did he finish his bowl? No. But was the cereal good? In his words, yes!

He said passers-by who witnessed the scene got a kick out of it, and we have no trouble believing it.

Moreover, our hero of the day makes it clear that if the opportunity arose, he would be happy to have lunch with the Mayor of Montreal.

That’s your invitation, Mrs. Plante. Choose the pothole that suits you best, and Sébastien will take care of the reservation.

(Via Sebastien Doucet)