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Canadian car and truck sales

Canada’s 25 fastest-growing SUVs and crossovers in 2016

The 25 most rapidly growing utility vehicles in Canada in 2016’s first eight months

Canadian sales of the newest cars on sale in 2016

Off to a flying start? Or not? How successful are the auto industry’s newest models?

The discontinued Buick Verano is selling better than ever, for a reason

The Buick Verano is suddenly a hot seller, now that it’s dying—but exactly how is the automaker moving a record number of them?

Summer 2016 sees Canada's auto market struggle (except pickup trucks)

Record Ford F-Series sales continue to power Canada’s pickup truck market through adversity

18 auto brands are selling more SUVs than cars in Canada

Canadian SUV and crossover sales are booming—which brands sell more SUVs than cars?

Which direct rivals are winning in the fight for Canadian sales in 2016?

Camaro v Mustang. F-150 v Ram. It’s not Ali-Frazier, but there are automotive rivalries which tell the story of an industry—these ones

Canada’s 25 most popular luxury cars in 2016’s first seven months

Luxury car sales are plunging in Canada, but which examples remain the most popular?

Midsize truck sales are rising, but the segment isn't what it used to be

Resurgent midsize pickups are returning to form, slowly but surely, but are a long ways from the heights of Canadian success they once were

Canadians are turning away from cars, but which are most rapidly losing sales?

In a record market for light trucks, Canadian car sales are down 8 percent this year; these are the 25 passenger cars most rapidly losing sales

Fiat Chrysler July sales plunge, Ford back on top as Canada's top-selling automaker

Canadian auto sales declined in July, but Ford Canada volume exploded

Every brand’s most popular vehicle in Canada in 2016’s first half

These are the cars at every automaker that cause whole brands to rise or fall

Canada’s 30 most popular auto brands in the first half of 2016

2016’s first-half auto sales are up 6% because many of the top 30 brands are flying high

Canada’s 30 worst-selling automobiles in the first half in 2016

Unpopular, uncommon, undesirable: the 30 worst-selling autos in Canada in 2016

Canada’s 30 best-selling vehicles in the first half of 2016

These 30 top-selling new vehicles account for more than half of all Canadian auto sales

Fiat Chrysler is tops in Canada—but the Fiat brand sure isn't

Canadian sales at Fiat are in rapid decline, and new models can’t stop them from crumbling

Jaguar Canada is back and bigger than ever

Jaguar Land Rover Canada’s second-best month ever included record Jaguar sales

Canada’s midsize car market is drying up

Canadian midsize car sales are plunging as the auto market expands

Ford Motor Company is Canada’s fastest-growing automaker in 2016

Boosted by F-Series, Ford Motor Company is currently Canada’s fastest-growing automaker

The new vehicles with the most rapidly declining sales in Canada

In a booming Canadian market, these are the 25 new vehicles that are most rapidly imploding in 2016

Audi's on its way to becoming Canada's favourite luxury brand

Audi Canada’s momentum is carrying Volkswagen’s premium brand toward the top of the luxury leaderboard in 2016

Canada’s 25 top-selling SUV brands in 2016

The 25 most popular SUV and crossover brands in Canada in 2016

Thanks to crossovers, Canadians just don't buy as many cars

Passenger cars once made up more than half of Canadian new vehicle sales, but fell 13 percent in May thanks to crossovers and pickups