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Leaded gas: Silent and deadly

It might even have been linked to violent crime

Kids do the most annoying things (in cars)

When you become a parent you have to learn to deal with the not-always-stellar behaviour of your own children.

Do MSRPs mean anything anymore?

The price of a new car? Good luck with that…

Press Launches: Why we sometimes miss the mark

Once in a while, we get it wrong

Going fast: You and your car just aren't that good

Your tires can’t handle the truth. Really.

Our truck guy explains how to beat the EnerGuide fuel ratings

Pickup expert Howard Elmer surprised his colleagues coming second in the AJAC EcoRun green-car fuel economy contest

Advances in tech are making trucks easier to drive than ever

Canada’s truck expert Howard Elmer runs down all the electronic aids you can get on today’s trucks

Why there are so many ‘special edition’ trucks for sale this year

“Special edition” packages used to be about performance; now they’re about looking different and limited-time availability

Here's why you won't have a self-driving car any time soon

There’s still a lot to figure out before you’ll be able to sit back and relax while your car does your driving for you

The real reason Ford’s building a diesel and hybrid F-150

Shifting consumer demands? Advances in new technology? No, Ford has to manufacture greener trucks because it’s building too many

Canadian sales of Canadian-built cars in 2016 so far

17% of the new vehicles sold in Canada in 2016’s first four months are built in Canada

Which auto brands are gaining or losing Canadian market share in 2016’s bull market?

As the auto industry posts record Canadian sales in 2016, some automakers gain market share—which means others have to lose it

Canada’s 25 best-selling premium autos in 2016’s first four months

One-third of the way through 2016, these are Canada’s favourite premium-brand new vehicles

In a fading Canadian car market, these cars are selling more and more often in 2016

Through the first third of 2016, these cars are bucking the anti-car pro-crossover sales trends

Ford Canada just broke the all-time F-Series sales record, then broke it again

Pickup truck sales are exploding in Canada, thanks in large part to the Ford F-Series’ record volume

Canadian auto sales exploded with an all-time record in April 2016—how?

Despite decreased car demand, Canadian auto sales hit an all-time record in April

Skilled Immigrants: Canada's 25 best-selling import vehicles in 2016's first quarter

Imports vs. domestics is an age-old battle—these are the 25 top come-from-aways

Canada's midsize car market is getting hammered

Canada’s auto industry is taking off, but midsize cars continue their decline

XC90 or bust? Volvo Canada leans heavily on flagship SUV

March sales numbers are in, and it seems Volvo Canada is currently selling plenty of XC90s—but not much else

Do Canadians buy the most reliable vehicles available?

Canadians purchase and lease 150,000 vehicles every month—do they choose the most reliable autos?

Volkswagen's Canadian sales are beginning to crater

Volkswagen sales in Canada are shrinking as the market expands

Canada’s 24 fastest-growing auto brands in early 2016

Canadian auto sales are up 9% through 2016’s first two months because of these auto brands

SUVs and crossovers are now easily outselling cars in Canada

Two months into 2016, SUV/crossover market share jumped to 39%

The 25 best-selling luxury SUVs in Canada this winter

Between November 2015 and January 2016, these were the best-selling luxury SUVs and crossovers in Canada

Pickup trucks and cargo vans start 2016 with a sales boom

Pickup trucks produced nearly one-quarter of Canadian auto sales in January 2016

Where to get real-world fuel economy numbers for your truck

The Canadian Truck King Challenge prides itself on doing “real-world” fuel economy testing each year—but what does that really mean?