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Can you patent the automobile? Somebody once tried ...

How Henry Ford broke the Selden patent

End of the road: How the iconic early automakers passed on

The story of how some of the early iconic automotive manufacturers passed away

Daily driving an 80-year-old car

What it’s like to commute to work in a Ford Model A – and across the country.

Forgotten in a shed, a rare 1938 Jaguar SS-100 has resurfaced

The 1938 Jaguar SS-100 found in a New Jersey warehouse boasts a rare six-cylinder engine that made it a favourite on race circuits in the 1940s. Terry Larson intends to restore it by respecting its origins.

Cool stuff on hot rods

We take a look at some of the neat features and styles that show up on hot rods.

Autotrac: Canada's "auto" answer for farmers
The Aurora GRX: Canada's Cobra
The unforgettable "Big Daddy" Roth
Who really killed the Tucker?

A brief history of the rise and fall of the Tucker brand.

Did General Motors kill electric transit?

In 1949, General Motors was convicted of criminal conspiracy regarding public transit, but what really conspired to make buses the vehicle of choice over electric streetcars in so many cities?

Who was Von Dutch?
The man who played (Nissan) Figaro

For one Vancouver restaurateur, funky JDM cars are a passion and part of the family business.

The Henry Ford Museum doesn't want your Model T—it wants your '80s econobox

Every day the Henry Ford Museum turns down an offer from someone wanting to donate a classic car. What kind of cars are they looking for?

In pictures: Rolls-Royce’s ‘Pantheon’ grille

Most Rolls-Royce buyers today order their cars with unique bespoke touches, but one thing the marque won’t customize is its iconic grille

Design Icons: the Rolls-Royce grille is simply untouchable

Most Rolls-Royce buyers today order their cars bespoke, but one thing the marque won’t ever change is its iconic grille

How Pininfarina gave France the middle finger with this Alfa Romeo

Italy wasn’t exactly well-liked in the aftermath of the Second World War, but that didn’t stop them from building, and showing off, the continent’s most gorgeous autos

In pictures: Buick's portholes

Today, nearly every car parts outlet sells stick-on fender vents, but once upon a time they’d meant you’d bought a fire-breathing Buick

Russian prototype cars of the past: Museum of horrors or works of art?
Design Icons: the Chevrolet Corvette taillights

Chevrolet’s Corvette isn’t the only car to wear four round, red taillights—but it’s probably the one you think of first

In Pictures: the Chevrolet Corvette taillights

Chevrolet’s Corvette isn’t the only car to wear four round, red taillights—but it’s probably the one you think of first

The coolest Explorer trims from the past 25 years

The venerable Ford Explorer has been around for some 25 years; here’re our favourite versions

In pictures: the Jaguar E-Type's proportions
The last Interceptor rides again
Quiz: What's underneath that movie car?

Think you can guess what sort of vehicle your favourite movie car was based on? You might be surprised

The Woodward Dream Cruise turns 20

40,000 vintage cars, trucks and what-have-you – what started as a small fundraising event is now the largest one-day automotive showcase in the world.

In pictures: Lamborghini's scissor doors

You can install them on your Civic, Volvo, or Geo, but “scissor doors” are synonymous with Lamborghini V12 supercars