There are few cars in the world that serve up the kind of panache the Pagani Huayra does. Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and even Bugattis – yes, I’m talking about the new one – all wilt in the face of the greatness that is basically one man’s passion project.

It wasn’t long ago that Horacio Pagani was helping develop those selfsame Lambos and even some race cars. Eventually, the time came to strike up on his own.

While the official records show Pagani has only ever built two models – the Zonda and Huayra – there have been numerous roadster, special, and one-off versions of each (one of which even went racing at Le Mans) to the point where “Pagani” and “bespoke” go hand-in-hand more than pretty much every other specialist auto manufacturer out there.

It’s with all that in mind that Pagani brought its latest creation – the Huayra Roadster – to the Luxury Supercar Weekend in Vancouver. The setting makes sense; take a walk in one of the city’s ritzier neighbourhoods – even some not-so-ritzy ones – and the cars you’ll see will rival anything seen in Newport Beach or on Ocean Drive in Miami. I should know; I live there.

Apparently, more than one Huayra Roadster is destined for the West Coast, costing a whopping $4.5 million of someone’s hard-earned (more likely hard-invested) cash.

You heard right: the thing costs four-point-five million in Canada, and here’s eight reasons why.