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Auto tech guide

Moving up: Ten inventions that made a big difference

Evolution and revolution in the auto industry

Feature fail: Car safety that never caught on

20 car safety features automakers tried, then dumped

Cars in the cloud: When vehicles go online

Are cars connected to the Internet here to make our lives easier, or more complicated?

Why BMW’s going high-tech (and big-dollar) with their batteries

The new M3 and M4 will be the first cars fitted with BMW’s self-aware lithium-ion batteries

Love or hate it, this automotive technology is cool!

You won’t believe what some cars can do

Bridgestone DriveGuard: Run-flat tires for cars without run-flats

Bridgestone’s newest tires could actually make changing tires by the side of the road a thing of the past

CarPlay: Apple's infotainment system hits the road

With many automakers announcing plans for CarPlay integration, is Apple set to dominate the in-car infotainment market?

Ford quits Microsoft

Partners with Apple and Blackberry instead for MyFord Touch

Pocket Sized Powerplants

It’s not the size of the engine, it’s how they use it. How some of the smallest engines in the world stack up against each other.

Google Glass: Driver assistant or driver distraction?

Does wearable technology help or hinder driver safety?

Consumer Electronics Show: Make way for the Automakers
Linking Man and Machine

By now drivers are, at least to some degree, used to their mobile devices working in tandem with their new cars. So what will car makers do next to impress consumers? It may be the ability to pair their new cars not just with a smartphone, but with themselves.

Ford focused on connectivity in 2014 with big AppLink push

Ford makes SYNC AppLink available to 3.4 million more customers as part of effort to drive global connectivity vision

Auto automation: How factories have changed

Leaner, greener plants are the future

Looking ahead: A visit to Honda's Research Centre in Japan

Engineers shape the automotive future

Q&A: Connectivity and technology in the 2014 Mazda3

We talk tech with Mazda engineer Ruben Archilla about how much is too much technology in a modern car

iOS in the car: Apple's next big product?

It seemed like only a matter of time before Apple embedded itself in your car.

Driven in a Mercedes-Benz that drives itself

The future is here … and still on the way

Factory car stereos 101

Car audio 2.0, explained

Ford's research centre going lightweight

A close look at the benefit of implementing lightweight materials in cars

Car tech that's older than you think

20 pieces of in-car technology that’s actually old

Everything you need to know about touch screens

Car and driver interface just got easier

SYNC proves Ford is no longer a 'car company'

Ford takes another leap forward in car-to-driver interface

Car companies dive into mobile developing world

Users monitor and control their cars in ways previously believed impossible

Anatomy of modern car technology

10 car-tech features that has made driving easier, safer

Small cars, big futures

Compact concepts to expect on Canadian roads in the next few years