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New car buying guide

The stars of 2013

Cars hitting the showroom floor in 2013

Be careful what you wish for, for you may get it!

Features you want in cars will come with compromises

How to spot new car value

What to watch for when you want more car for your buck

Things to consider before walking into a dealership

Being informed before buying a new car

Compacts, crossovers and convertibles

A breakdown of new car categories to help you buy better

New car and truck extras: Fluff or added value?

A look at what car and truck accessories at worth the money

What options should I get?

Choosing the right options for your new car

Test drive like a pro

Importance of test-driving a car before making the purchase

The low-down on leasing and leasing terms

A guide to understanding leasing and leasing terms

To buy or not to buy? (Or to lease?)

Making the right choice when opting for a new car

Should you buy your kid a car?

Buying a vehicle for your teen

10 Rules for negotiating when you buy a new car

Avoiding frustration when negotiating price on a new car

Eight questions to ask when buying a new car

A few tips to ensure you get the best deal on a new car

Guide to licensing a vehicle in Canada

How to licence a vehicle in Canada

What changed since buying your last new car?

How to tell if a new car feature is something you need or just a gimmick

How to keep your new car looking good

Keeping your ride nice and clean

The lowdown on dealer fees

A guide to dealer fees

The struggle for power and efficiency

The balance between power and efficiency

Hidden features of your car

A look at some features you may not have realized your car has