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The winter beater: worth it or not?

Driving through winter doesn’t always have to be a draining experience on both car and owner

How to keep your car running in the cold

Tips, tricks and best practices to get the most out of your car in the winter months

All-wheel & four-wheel-drive: Which do you have?

Marketers sometimes use the two interchangeably, but they’re not the same thing

Should you buy used parts?

They may cost less, but you need to be careful

Want a classic car? Here's what you should know

The fins, the chrome, engines measured in cubic inches – it’s not hard to see why so many people are enamoured with old cars. It can be a rewarding hobby, but it’s seldom an inexpensive one. If you’re thinking about getting into it, there are two ways to do it.

Cool Canadian automotive facts, eh!

Some fascinating facts about Canada and our cars

Got a car? We have tips for you ...

25 tips to help keep you on the road

Barn finds: What do you do with a forgotten old car?

The chances are slim, but there may be hope for that forgotten car you know is just sitting there…

Aerodynamics: How styling saves you money

Aerodynamics is one of the major considerations in vehicles today; get the design right, and you can shave fuel consumption even before you spend the first cent on powertrain technologies

20 tips to make your car last longer

Keeping your car reliable, running well and looking good means you’ll have a sweet ride for a long, long time

How to (safely) take your car to the track

Any car is fun on a racetrack – even your parents’ old station wagon. As long as you follow these simple and inexpensive tips, any car can be safe on the circuit too.

Seatbelts: A Century of Safety

One of your car’s most important safety items is also its most simple.

How-to: Travel with pets

Taking your pets along on a road trip isn’t as difficult as it may seem, but there are precautions and warnings you need to consider

Kids in hot cars: A deadly combination

During summertime in Canada or while enjoying some sun over winter vacation, one thing’s for certain: Don’t leave kids in cars

Ten car features that minimize driving stress

Several cars on the market with features that take the work out of driving

Breakdown or collision? Here's what to do ...

Staying safe is your priority

A guide to federal car auctions

Cheap wheels abound at Canada’s federal auction site. You can pick up a bargain — if you know how

Should you worry about the computers in your car?

Old computers in old cars a scary thought—but, so far at least, no problem…

Pro tips: Off-roading basics

The skills described here should serve you well out in the bush and on the paved asphalt of a sprawling metropolis.

Your car's VIN: What that number really means

Those 17 digits are your vehicle’s “fingerprint”

Gasoline: What you need to know

Octane, ethanol content, price — it’s all about the numbers

All about angles: Just how important is a proper alignment?

We go off on a bit of a tangent and take a look at the importance of a good alignment.

TPMS: What that tire warning light is all about

Having the right air pressure in your tires is important — the problem is most of us don’t bother to check it

Summer tires? When, and why, it's time to switch

The snow and ice is gone from (most) of Canada now, which means it’s time to take off those winter tires and swap them for a set of summer rubber. Here’s what you need to know.

What if the dealer can't fix your car?

We have advice on what to do when things go bad

Insuring a car: The difference is CLEAR

When you’re buying auto insurance, everyone knows that you pay more if you drive a red sports car — right?