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Hybrid, electric, and eco car guide

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Fifteen ways to boost fuel economy

Some free ways to save money at the pumps

5 reasons to love electric cars, and 5 reasons to hate them

You gotta love not having to fill up at the gas station and producing no emissions, but what about the purchase price and limited range?

How to win at the 2014 Canadian Green Car Awards

The contenders, the shortlist and the winner: an insider gives us the scoop on this year’s awards

Why 2015 model year cars are thirstier than last year's

New fuel economy test methods are being rolled out across Canada—but what does that mean for consumers?

2014's Most fuel efficient vehicles in Canada by class
Hybrids explained: They're complicated!

Electric propulsion adds layers of technology as gas and batteries work together in Hybrid Engines

Soy-seats and 14 other eco parts

A look at future eco parts

Canada leads the charge

Green prospects in store for the future of Canada’s electric cars

Audi's genetically-modified fuels

The manufacturer’s vested “e-fuels” project isn’t just blowing hot air after all

Canada: hydrogen fuel-cell central

“Investing in fuel-cell technology is less about exploiting raw resources, but more about Canadian brains to help drive a cleaner-running world.”

Tire rolling resistance: It's all about saving money

Rolling resistance tires get serious traction on fuel economy

Powering your house with your electric car

The double entendre of modern electric car technology

Car Washes Come Clean

Environmental labels aren’t always what they seem

Can an electric car die from not being used?

Mechanical negligence can apply to electric cars too

How to buy a Nissan Leaf electric car

How keen are you on going green?

New bike? Carmakers now offering pedal power

Bicycles made by prestigious automakers take on the greener side of their economy-minded customers

Socket to me - Part 2: Cities get charged up

Canada’s largest cities test the waters of eco-commuting with proposed EV charging stations

Socket to me - Part 1: Electric cars 101

Regarded as just sci-fi gimmicks for decades, electric cars are here – and they’re ready to plug’n play

Free fuel economy

The little things that reduce your trips to the gas station

Canadian car dealership pioneers used oil recycling

Dealerships’ slick ideas for re-usable engine oil

Manitoba team building cars of the future, today

Electric hybrid prototype becomes a reality

Electric Delorean set for launch

An electric Delorean? Great Scott!

Smart escooter concept

The Mercedes-owned brand’s concept brings new ideas to kilowatt-powered scooters

GE introduces high-speed residential car charger

New car charging station cuts charge-time in half

Electric dreams: Inside Canadian-based Project Eve

Canadians have demonstrated it’s possible build a world-class EV — but what’s next?

An in-depth look at Porsche's ambitious 918 Spyder

Can eco-sensitive and high-performance co-exist? Porsche thinks so. Autofocus takes a look inside its ambitious hybrid sports car.