BMW finally took the covers off of the production i8 Roadster late November, revealing a droptop version of the car and that both coupe and convertible now come with more power and greater range.

The i8 loses the coupe’s roof, obviously, but keeps the neat “gullwing” doors; an all-weather fabric roof keeps occupants protected from the elements, and can be raised or lowered in less than 16 seconds at speeds of up to 50 km/h.

A boost of power to 369 horsepower means zero-to-100 km/h times now dwell in 4.6-second area for the Roadster, and around 4.4 for the coupe. That’s thanks, too, to a unique hybrid all-wheel-drive system in which the gas engine drives the rear wheels while an electric motor drives the fronts.

With the eDrive mode engaged, you can now travel at up to 120 km/h purely on the electric batteries, but range, while improved, is still just over 50 km (33 miles). Weight is up slightly in the Roadster, by about 59 kg (130 lbs), but we are talking about a vehicle made primarily of carbon-fibre.

The refreshed i8 and new i8 Roadster should be hitting Canadian dealerships around spring 2018. Pricing will be announced closer to that date.