Cadillac’s CT6 flagship will be available in a plug-in hybrid version with over 640 km (400 miles) of total range beginning in spring of 2017, the luxury automaker announced during the LA Auto Show in mid-November.

The sedan’s electric-only range is just 50 km (30 miles) but a secondary super-efficient 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine helps to extend that number, and to reduce range anxiety, Cadillac says.

Zero-to-100 km/h acceleration numbers are on par with gasoline V6-powered rivals, roughly 5.2 seconds, and come courtesy the aforementioned gas engine and two electric motors, which together send about 335 horsepower to the rear wheels. Fuel economy should be equivalent to 3.6 L/100 km (65 mpge).

The CT6 Plug-In Hybrid will come equipped and be priced in the same range as the Premium Luxury-spec CT6, the second-highest trim level, and will include as standard a Rear Seat Infotainment system, Enhanced Night Vision and Rear Camera mirror.

Pricing is the US will start at $75,095; Canadian pricing has not yet been announced. Expect the CT6 Plug-In Hybrid to appear in Canadian showrooms in spring of next year.