Tesla, you have officially been put on notice.

Porsche unveiled its ‘Mission E’ all-electric concept sports car at the Frankfurt Auto Show this week and we’ve got to say, it is one impressive vehicle.

The four-door sedan’s low, road-hugging design is stunning. It’s futuristic, yet unmistakably Porsche with a silhouette more reminiscent of the iconic 911 than the Panamera.

Powering the Mission E is an 800-volt drive system featuring a pair of electric motors similar to what Porsche used for the 919 Hybrid race car. Together they are capable of producing in excess of 600 horsepower and Porsche says the car will sprint from 0-100 km/hr in less than 3.5 seconds. Porsche also claims a lap time of less than eight minutes around the Nurburgring, which would rank it among the fastest sedans ever around the famed track.

While its speed and power are certainly impressive, the most exciting thing about this concept is its supposedly ultra-fast recharge time. On a full charge, the Mission E is good for 500 kilometres of maximum range and Porsche says that an 80 per cent recharge can be achieved in just 15 minutes.

If those numbers are in fact legitimate, they would blow away the charging times of any other electric vehicle in the market including Tesla’s supercharging stations.

A decision on whether Porsche will turn the concept into a production vehicle is expected by the end of this year. If the project gets a green light it would likely not be until at least 2019 before the car hit the market.