Lamborghini showed off its latest convertible, the new Huracán LP 610-4 Spyder at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show this week.

The Huracan Spyder features the same 5.2-litre, 610-hosrepower V10 engine, 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, and all-wheel-drive system as the hardtop Huracan and is nearly as quick. According to Lamborghini, the convertible version features a top speed of 201 miles per hour (323 km/hr) which is just 1mph less than the regular Huracan.

The Huracan Spyder can also spring from 0-100km/hr in 3.4 seconds, 0.2 seconds off the pace of the hardtop model. You can probably blame the drop on teh extra 264 pounds the Spyder’s soft top roof adds to the car’s weight.

Dropping that softtop takes a mere 17 seconds according to Lamborghini and can be done at speeds up to 50km/hr.

Huracan Spyder deliveries are slated to begin early next year.