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Bio Timothy Cain

As a fifth child, my inheritance was automotive training manipulated as a tool to impress family friends and foes. By the time I could combine words, journeys were designed to be a treat for other passengers as my parents instructed me to precisely name every approaching vehicle. I liked it.

Cars became a passion of mine that went unmatched by a ping-pong obsession and a short-lived fascination with U.S. history during one school year in San Antonio. Halifax’s Chronicle-Herald began printing my new car reviews under the heading On Roads ‘Round Here in 2004.

The allure of test driving new cars for print publications, though strong, wasn’t as exciting as sharing thoughtful, firm opinion, so I started up GoodCarBadCar.net in 2007 as a way to more effectively express my own conclusions, to make known personal vehicular beliefs.

Obsessions, by their very nature, are all-consuming. Aspirations, daydreams, and constant self-education are, therefore, par for the course. As a result, writing for Autofocus isn’t “just another job” but rather a total blast.