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Bio Kathy Buckworth

I’ve been writing humour and parenting books and articles for years, and some of my best “material” comes out of the situations which arise in long, ill-advised road trips with my four children.

It’s sort of a melting pot for story ideas on conflict resolution, negotiations skills, and how quickly different foods can deteriorate when left in a car seat drink holder on a hot summer day. I drive the big vehicle in our house, but it’s not a mini van. I have a freakish aversion to them – not the vehicle itself, per se, but the Soccer Mom image associated with them.

Now, I am a Mom, and I do drive to soccer, hockey, dance…even fencing. But that doesn’t mean I have to trade away my rapidly diminishing cool factor when it comes to cars. Busy Moms spend a lot of time in their cars and on the road, so we know what we like and need in terms of comfort, safety, and make up mirrors.

Besides writing features here, you can also find me in their parenting and travel pages too. I also write for a number of national publications and act as a regular parenting correspondent on CTVNewschannel. If you really want to know what I think about drive –thrus, you can buy my latest book, “Shut Up and Eat: Tales of Chicken, Children & Chardonnay”, wherever books are sold. I’m a Twitter addict, and my main website is found at www.kathybuckworth.com.