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Bio Jil McIntosh

Unlike many auto writers, I didn’t grow up interested in cars, despite the fact that my older brother owned a dealership, and no one in my family understood what the words “public transit” meant. Automobiles were just how we got around.

But one day the switch just flipped. I was driving a taxi in Toronto when I spotted an antique car, and just had to have one. I’ve owned a few, including ones that I’ve had for more than 20 years: a 1947 Cadillac and 1949 Studebaker pickup truck. I also have an antique tractor, because every woman wants one.

I’ve been writing professionally about cars, both old and new, since 1982. I review new ones, check out antique ones, and I’m interested in how cars fit into our everyday lives, especially when it comes to safety. I’m fascinated by new technology, but I like to think like a consumer, determining what’s good and what’s just a waste for the wallet.

But above all, I like to get behind the wheel and drive – most of the time. I’m also the first in my family to know that there are times when public transit makes sense, too.