That makes it one of the most complicated kits in the Technic line, outstripping the brand’s last high-profile kit, a recreation of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS made up of “just” 2,700 pieces.

The Chiron is Bugatti’s newest model and a car that gained notoriety for accelerating to 400 km/h and braking back to a stop again in 42 seconds. That was a world record for a few weeks, before the Swedish-built Koenigsegg Regera did the same thing but more than five seconds faster.

Impressive as the Chiron’s speed feat remains, we wouldn’t be keen to try to recreate it given the 911 GT3 RS kit’s poor performance in crash testing conducted by a German industry association.

LEGO’s version of the Chiron can’t boast the real thing’s 1,500 hp, but it does sport a scale model of the car’s V16 engine, which comes mated to an eight-speed transmission that actually shifts gears via paddle shifters. The curious thing there is that’s actually a ratio more than the real car, which uses a seven-speed gearbox.

Other cool details include a rear wing that, like on the life-size Chiron, is adjustable between aero and handling modes, beautifully recreated wheels through which large brake rotors are visible, an overnight bag that fits in the trunk and a detailed cockpit.

On the outside, the LEGO Chiron sports a two-tone blue colour scheme that reflects the storied brand’s historical livery.

LEGO Chiron owners will need shelf space measuring 56 cm long and 25 cm wide. The kit is available starting today at LEGO stores in person and online at CAD$399.99 and will go on sale at other authorized LEGO outlets in August.