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About Us

Autofocus is Canada’s automotive news source and online community for car shoppers and car lovers.

We bring you the latest news about cars and driving in Canada, and also help make researching and shopping for vehicles easier.

From our Car Finder to expert (and user!) reviews, finding the perfect vehicle for your needs is easier than ever.

But what if you just want to interact with other car owners, or ask for advice? Our community was built so that you’re able to quickly get the feedback you need—whether its a maintenance question or asking for opinions on your next vehicle.

Our expertly-written stories are world-class. From How-Tos to feature stories to beautiful photo galleries and stunning video, we’d like to share our access to the newest machines with you…and hear what you have to say.

If you have questions about the site, please skim our Help, or visit our Contact Us page to leave us feedback.

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