LEGO has finally released a properly round kit of the iconic Volkswagen Type 1, a.k.a. the Beetle, an 1,167-piece set to go on sale August 1 for $99.

LEGO Creator Expert set 10252 features a distinctive ’60s theme – surfboard included – and comes with four licence plate options and even surfer-theme rear window stickers.

The company’s previous efforts at a Beetle set, released in 2008, looked a lot blockier and had a much higher piece count, though that kit was also larger than the new 10-inch-long model.

LEGO went so far as to create new curved pieces just to get the round-fender look of the Beetle right this time around. Should make a good companion to their recent Type 2 Microbus kit, too.

(LEGO via Autoblog)



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