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Latest automotive news

Road deaths happen every four hours: regulator

Dangerous highways claim higher-than-average number of lives

Rearview for February 4, 2013
Man sues over 'GAYGUY' plates

Georgia blocks plates, faces lawsuit

Corvette theft stalled by stickshift

Manual transmission foils thieves again

Nice websites lead to more test drives

Study: buyers shop for vehicles if info comes easy

Rearview for February 1, 2013
Canadians wary of new car safety tech

Consumers unfamiliar with collision avoidance features: survey

Honda adding Siri to three models

Apple voice-activated tech in ’13 Accord

Toyota consumer favourite of 2012

‘Consumer Reports’ survey rank best brands

Rearview for January 31, 2013

Cadillac collector restores prototype; flood-damaged classics need saving; James Bond plate-flipper illegal?

Chrysler bringing over Fiat, Alfa Romeo models

Smaller cars to be added to lineup before 2016

New DriveClean test causing headaches

Half of cars fail new test: mechanics

Rearview for January 30, 2013
Consumers prefer independent garages over dealers'

Dealership service prices feel like rip-off: survey

New Arab supercar world's most expensive

$3.4 million Lykan Hypersport debuts in Qatar

Rearview for January 29, 2013
Toyota topped global sales in 2012

Japanese automaker takes back crown from GM

New hybrid concept drives partly on air

Compressed-air Peugeot may hit market by 2016

Distracted drivers more likely to speed, sleep

Dangerous behaviours tend to coincide: AAA

Rearview for January 28, 2013
Hyundai-Kia customers happy despite MPG mix-up

Automakers set aside $412 million to handle error

Daimler, Ford, Nissan team up on fuel cells

Hydrogen cars due to market 2017

Red light cameras improve safety: study

Number of violations reduced at equipped stoplights

Rearview for January 25, 2013
BMW, Toyota nail down tech swap

Agreement could birth sports car, fuel cell cars

VW switches to solar power at U.S. plant

Tennessee plant largest automaker solar park in U.S.