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Latest automotive news

Car hackers can force Prius to brake, swerve

Researchers to expose vulnerabilities at conference

Ford offering natural gas F-150 for 2014

CNG, propane option for 3.7-litre V6 only

Rearview for July 30, 2013

Why make a Porsche SUV convertible?; Fiesta is Women’s Car of the Year

16 New Zealanders squeeze into smart car

Kiwi dancers break fortwo-stuffing world record

Versa Note seat backs may fail in crash

3,500 new Nissans recalled for bad bolt

U.K. begins testing driverless cars

Government hopes self-driving vehicles will ease congestion

Rearview for July 29, 2013

Germans pulled over for BMW swimming pool; Toyota testing Segway-like device

Ford makes vibrating shifter for manual beginners

Junior engineer hacks stick using Xbox controller

Audi to use LTE data transfer standard

Fast connection to debut on European S3 Sportback

2014 Ram 1500 V6 boasts class-best towing

Truckmaker reveals towing figures on EcoDiesel

BMW unveils production i3 electric car

Battery offers better than 130-km range

Rearview for July 26, 2013

Bugatti unveils special Veyron (again); Audi ferries Toronto customers in R8

Toronto worries EVs could disrupt grid

Electric car charging could strain distribution in older neighbourhoods

New Infiniti "knows you," remembers settings

Q50 to save preferences, photos

Owners most satisfied with Range Rover

Porsche tops J.D. Power new model rankings

Ford to overlap production of new, old F-150

Both trucks built at same time to ease into next-gen

Ford cars to get "surveillance mode"

New system locks doors, closes windows when approached

Ford, Toyota split up hybrid truck partnership

Shared development phase followed by mutual breakup

Rearview for July 22, 2013

B.C. RV is swee-sweet; Alabama wants to ban riding in truck beds

$1.6 billion Toyota sudden acceleration settlement approved

Affected customers to get cash, free brake override install

BMW reveals production i3 specs

New carbon-fibre-paneled car gets 130 km EV range [UPDATED]

Hybrid Fit coming to North America

Third-gen subcompact due to U.S. next year

Rearview for July 19, 2013

Man builds full-size Tonka truck; toddler accidentally buys old car

Rearview for July 18, 2013

Italians make convertible minivan; 11-year-old caught driving in Hamilton; son gives Dad old Mustang back

Class-action lawsuit launched over MyFord Touch

Volunteer defensive driving group to sue automaker

Rearview for July 17, 2013

Toyota does Spongebob SUV; Ram tops Consumer Reports rankings; tuner planning 1,000-hp ‘Vette