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Latest automotive news

Rearview for April 11, 2013
Rearview for April 10, 2013
Ford Focus best-selling car of 2012?

Toyota challenges analyst’s report putting Corolla second

Windsor motorists collectively pull over drunk driver

Cars surround swerving motorist until police arrive

Rearview for April 9, 2013
Big three ignore towing standards

Toyota only truckmaker to use SAE ratings

Four-cylinder GMs may need more-frequent oil changes

Oil change monitor recalibrated for better performance

Quebec students' car sets 3,587-mpg record

Lawnmower-engined car nets 0.06 L/100 km

Rearview for April 8, 2013
BMW Concept X4 leaked well ahead of Shanghai

New crossover blends BMW SUV and coupé styling

Rearview for April 5, 2013
Most distracted driving deaths linked to daydreaming

One in ten U.S. traffic fatalities tied to distraction

L.A. first metropolis to sync up traffic lights

Average traffic speed jumps 4 k/mh

U.S. regulator mulls "silver" rating for senior-safe cars

NHTSA considering figuring new tech into revised crash test ratings

Rearview for April 4, 2013
Tesla adds leasing option to Model S

Base Model S sedan dropped from lineup

EV upstart offers Lotus-inspired roadster

Revived Detroit Electric plans to launch three models

Rearview for April 2, 2013
Owners fed up with replacing run-flat tires

Michelin nabs top satisfaction ratings

Rearview for April 1, 2013
Ford faces unintended acceleration lawsuit

Incidents likely caused by driver error: Ford

Adults text-and-drive more than teens: survey

AT&T survey: distracted drivers know it’s unsafe

VW axing Routan minivan for good

Consumers choosing SUVs, crossovers

Rearview for March 28, 2013
Gas prices' monthly increase highest since '08

Prices across the country jump 8.4 percent February

Parallel parking world record broken again