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Latest automotive news

Ford 1.0-litre most fuel-efficient gasoline engine

2014 Fiesta nets 5.3 L/100 km (44 mpg) combined

Car vandalism peaks on Hallowe'en: study

U.S. group says insurance claims double on holiday

Rearview for October 30, 2013

Corvette transformed into Viper blasphemy; Honda ad’s optical illusions hella trippy

Quebec company to build race car for the street

Magnum MK5 production limited to 20 per year

Tesla ties for best-ever 'Consumer Reports' score

Model S does not earn ‘recommended’ rating [UPDATE]

Rearview for October 29, 2013

Slovakian flying car takes off; stunt driver legend passes away

Rearview for October 28, 2013

Tesla opening up Vancouver store?; classic cars spit flames

Chrysler starting EV research in Canada

Automaker teams up with McMaster University on project

Toyota settles unintended acceleration suit after $3 million verdict

Automaker loses defect-related lawsuit for first time

Husky testing robot gas station attendants

Automatic drive-thru fill-ups 30 percent quicker

New Chevy EV nets 132 km range

Electric Spark betters 2 L/100 km

Rearview for October 24, 2013

80-horsepower Suzuki-engined car super-fast?; ‘Ken Box’ parody may be best thing ever

U.S. scammers posting on Canadian car buying sites

Ottawa man almost lost $42,500 in Ferrari F430 scam

Rearview for October 22, 2013

McLaren hypercar goes fast, gets great mileage; electric cars perfect for pranks

New HUD could help 'see' through trucks

Portugese researchers develop tech to see around large vehicles

Subaru to axe Tribeca SUV in January

Controversially styled truck to be replaced

Rearview for October 21, 2013

Lambo unveils Veneno Roadster; drunk drivers less likely to buckle up

BMW puts 1 Series on hold for 2014

Automaker kills off compact, promises replacement

Tesla CEO wants to make James Bond submarine car

Elon Musk buys movie prop, plans to make it functional

GM keeping Oshawa assembly line open to 2016

To-be-closed Impala and Equinox line saved

Volvo turns car body panels into batteries

Experimental car holds charge in carbon-fibre doors

Hybrid Subaru XV Crosstrek coming November

Crossover starts at under $30,000

GM to offer CNG-flexible Impala

Sedan to run on gasoline or natural gas

Rearview for October 16, 2013

Ford Torino transformed into, uh, art?; Porsche 911 better off-road than your SUV

Toyota to sell automatic steering, auto-highway drive features

Driver aids part of self-driving research; to hit market in few years

TV host breaks women's fastest-on-four-wheels speed record

Jessi Combs bests 400 mph in road-going fighter jet