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Latest automotive news

2014 Mazda3 to remain at $16,000 base price

Compact nets 6.8 L/100 km (34 mpg), top trim gets HUD

Rearview for September 19, 2013

Ontario woman’s DeLorean ‘Transformer’ costume rocks; Dubai tuner turns SUV into backseat driver

Tesla aiming for self-driving car by 2016

Autonomous vehicle would handle 90 percent of driving

Rearview for September 18, 2013

Classic cars worth more than gold?; Texas couple collects 65 Dodge Vipers

Rearview for September 17, 2013

Lamborghini misspells own name on concept car?; chromed-out Cadillac donk—just don’t

Car sharing users to quadruple by 2020

Zipcar, Car2Go users worldwide could pass 12 million: report

BMW owner takes hammer to car outside auto show

Annoyed Italian destroys M6 at Frankfurt

Rearview for September 16, 2013

Dragon Design Jeep heading to Canada; hamster drives Volvo truck

Blue BMW drivers in rush hour the angriest

Blue car drivers more prone to road rage: U.K. survey

Guinness certifies new smallest road-legal car

Car based on child’s toy limited to 40 km/h

New GM trucks boast best-in-segment power

6.2-litre V8 in Sierra makes 420 horsepower

Canada 15th worst for distracted driving globally

22 percent of motorists worldwide drive distracted: survey

GM unveils 2015 Suburban, Yukon SUVs

Trucks to boast best-in-segment fuel economy

Pope Francis to drive stickshift 1984 Renault

Catholic leader gifted “mini-popemobile” by priest

Rearview for September 11, 2013

Brabus builds on Benz’s six-wheeler; submarine Lotus sells for nearly $1 million

Ontario, Canadian governments sell of $1.1 billion worth off GM shares

Governments sell off fifth of their stake in automaker to banks

Rearview for September 10, 2013

Concours-winning ’75 Pacer for sale; Corvette sells for $3.2 million

Half of online new car buyers open-minded brand-wise

Almost 50 percent of online Gen Y shoppers use smartphone to research

Nissan rolls out biometric-measuring watch

Nismo watch tracks lap times, heartbeats

Rearview for September 6, 2013

Liberace’s golden Cadillac for sale; U.K. sees 130-car pileup

Diesel Cruze nets 4.3 L/100 km on cross-Canada trip

Husband-wife team set coast-to-coast record, spend $300 on gas

Musk to cross U.S. in Model S with five kids

New Tesla Superchargers to be used on 5,200-km trip

Developer turns Google glass into in-car traffic HUD

Inrix app projects traffic data, suggests alternate routes

Rearview for September 4, 2013

Video game Viper comes to life; 260-and-a-half EVs meet to set world record

UK group designing universal spare tire

Five-bolt wheel can be fitted to 10 different size hubs

Road pollution kills 53,000 yearly in US: study

Road transport makes up quarter of premature pollution-related deaths, MIT says