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Latest automotive news

'Discovery centre' in Toronto wants you to test-drive all the EVs

Located in Toronto, the centre’s aim is to give people an opportunity to test-drive EVs and promote their adoption

Biker ends up on speeding car's trunk, “can’t believe you right now”

YouTube video of bike ramming into reckless Camry driver drives home point of checking before changing lanes

Ontario police now shooting GPS-tracking darts to end car chases

The OPP’s new dart launchers are a James Bond-esque solution for reducing the need to give chase

Shelby launches new F-150 Super Snake

American tuning shop says 750-horsepower F-150 Super Snake marks “return of the Shelby muscle truck”

Uber launches autonomous car research hub in Toronto

California-based ride-share and self-driving car company is opening a research hub in Toronto

Mercedes-Benz drops diesels from 2017 lineup

The German automaker says delays in emissions approvals have forced it to ditch its U.S. diesel plans

You can now fit your Bentley Bentayga with a falconry kit

To its newest model, Bentley has added an “exquisite” accessory for fans of “an ancient sport”

Teenaged Canadian racer leaves autism stigma in the dust

Austin Riley didn’t let autism stop him from achieving karting success, or racing in this year’s Nissan Micra Cup

BAC Mono track car coming to Canada

Single-seat open-cockpit track weapon will be sold in Canada with street-legal versions possible at a later date

This Hot Wheels race between iconic '80s cars is absolutely epic

Who would win in a race? A 1:64-scale Knight Rider or a Matchbox-sized Mystery Machine? Watch out for those mousetraps and explosions!

These are the (surprising) car models people hold on to longest

iSeeCars.com looked at vehicle resale data to see which cars and trucks bought new were kept longest by their original owners

You can now buy a new Hummer H1 (if you don't live in the U.S.)

Legendary 4X4 famous for its celebrity ownership and incredible off-road capability has been brought back to production

Porsche cancels plans for plug-in hybrid 911 sports car

German sports car maker determines the disadvantages of hybridizing its 911 far outweighed any benefits

Chevrolet plans on sticking with those "Real People" ads

Despite attracting ridicule and prompting parody, GM says the long-running advertising campaign for its most popular brand is doing its job

Canadians on the fence about EVs, autonomous vehicles: survey

Even as electric and self-driving vehicles become more widely known, most people still aren’t ready for them

EV charging towers could be the future of parking

Electric vehicle infrastructure solution offers EVs a place to plug in and eases limited parking space problems

Two largest US classic car clubs co-host car meet for the first time

After 65 years at odds with one another, the AACA and the CCCA are finally jointly hosting a meet this weekend

Is this vintage Ferrari worth $100 million?

This 1964 275 GTB/C Speciale could be the most valuable car in the world thanks to its ties to the brand’s racing models

Porsche builds its millionth 911 sports car

German sports car maker built its millionth 911, proving there’s something very ‘right’ about its rear-engine layout

Woman can't sell van over legal dispute with—the Flintstones?

Cartoon characters inexplicably filed a lien against an Ontario woman’s SUV, problem blamed on Service Ontario error

Tesla to collect video captured by owners' cars' cameras

Electric vehicle manufacturer says footage will help it refine its self-driving software and won’t infringe on owners’ privacy

Ontario man charged for smoking in his car 'office'

Harry Kraemer said the province’s smoking enforcement officers went too far, ticketing him for lighting up in his Cayenne

Mitsubishi recreates its first-ever car (on an Outlander SUV frame)

The Japanese automotive manufacturer is celebrating its centennial by recreating its original 1917 Model A car

Patrick Stewart to return to motor racing at Silverstone in July

Former Star Trek captain says “make it so” to plan to get back behind the wheel at Britain’s Silverstone racing circuit

This dad 'Mad-Max'ed his kids' pedal cars

A California dad transformed his kids’ Little Tykes pedal cars into a pair of Cozy Coupes ready for the apocalypse

This new W-15 electric pickup has a payload of nearly 1,000 kg

New Workhorse pickup promises 130 km of all-electric range, and nearly 500 km with gas-powered range extender