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Latest automotive news

Watch the Bugatti Chiron set its first of surely many speed records

If you can believe it, the sixteen-cylinder hypercar can go from zero to 400 km/h and back to zero in 42 seconds

The Mercedes Project ONE street-legal F1 car looks amazing

It’s just a little 1.6-litre V6 turbo-hybrid—but you won’t believe what it does with the 1,000-plus horsepower it churns out

Tesla remotely gave its owners’ cars longer range to escape Irma

Goodwill act to help evacuees escape from hurricane spurs debate on corporate control over consumer rights

TVR's new Griffith is how to get 500hp without electronic nannies

The iconic British boutique automaker is back with a brand-new design sporting a familiar name

Hyundai's building a pickup, but hasn't said if it'll come to Canada

The automaker has said “yes” to manufacturing the Santa Cruz Concept, but hasn’t said whether Canadian dealers will sell it

Every European luxury carmaker is going electric by 2025

Aston Martin, BMW, and Jaguar will all build hybrid or electric versions of all their models within the next decade

If we had to drive an electric car, it’d be this Jaguar

The British automaker’s new E-Type Zero is proof-positive it’s considering producing battery-powered conversions of its classics

This Canadian company has found a way to make any car autonomous

Auto parts giant Magna has developed a self-driving platform that can incorporate Level 4 autonomy into virtually any car

The 2018 Nissan LEAF bumps up range almost 50 percent

Redesigned electric compact gets more power and driving range, and a starting price of $35,998

Ariel’s planned hypercar has more torque than it can handle

The British firm’s new turbine-drive electric P40 “hipercar” project may resort to fans to vacuum it to the road

Audi changes vehicle naming strategy, blames electric cars

The German automaker’s new numerical model designations will be based on power output instead of engine displacement

Cars with aggressive, wider-looking ‘faces’ cost more money

Most people subconsciously link wide grilles and far-apart headlights with dominance, a new U of Toronto study has found

You won’t believe how fast this record-setting convertible is

The Brabus Rocket 900 Cabrio boasts a 900-horsepower V-12 capable of propelling the open-top car to 350 km/h

Canadians (still) love independent repair shops more than dealers

Non-chain garages bested only by Lexus and Mercedes-Benz dealership services, says new J.D. Power study

Watch Ken Block terrorize the Utah desert in 'Terrakhana'

The master of precision driving is back, piloting his rally-prepped Ford Fiesta around the ultimate dirt playground in Utah

1965 Shelby GT350R, ’64 Daytona Coupe to re-enter production

The craftsmen that designed the original Shelby GT350R race car are banding together to build brand-new examples

MINI's latest concept previews the brand's first all-electric model

The MINI Electric Concept reveals this famed British brand’s outlook for the future of all-electric urban mobility

2019 Porsche Cayenne debuts with more power, speed, and room

German automaker reinvents its mainstay SUV with newfound dynamism, efficiency, luggage space, and off-road capability

Someone stuffed a 900-hp Toyota engine in this Rolls-Royce

When his Phantom’s V12 went kaput, this Japanese owner couldn’t wait to get back on the road, and so went with a 2JZ swap

Sport-tuned BMW i3s punches up the electric performance

The Bavarian automaker is ready to roll out a quicker version of its quirky electric compact

This GT40 Roadster needs a new home

Ford built a dozen GT40 prototypes in its effort to come up with a car that could win at Le Mans, and this is one of the last ones left

Danish EV owners making hundreds giving power back to the grid

Electric car owners are earning up to $1,900 per year in a trial program that makes use of their vehicle’s surplus power

The speedster is nice, but we love the Zagato-Aston Martin wagon

The two firms have revealed the final two body styles in the quartet of highly exclusive supercars they’ll build

This Porsche's paint will cost you $128,000

The German luxury car manufacturer’s Chromaflair paint comes in four hues and costs well into six figures

The new 2018 Portofino is Ferrari's definition of 'affordable'

Named for an Italian resort town, this four-seat convertible is Ferrari’s new entry-level model

Next-generation BMW M5 launches with AWD, 600 horsepower

In a watershed moment for BMW M, the new M5 will launch with – purists-be-damned – all-wheel-drive