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Latest automotive news

France's Alpine launches Cayman-fighting retro A110

Niche automaker Alpine is bringing back its A110, promising the two-seater will offer Porsche-rivaling performance with unique retro styling

'Robocar' electric self-driving race car nips at 320 km/h top speed

Formula E shadow series set to debut new electric autonomous racer later this year

Montreal is Canada's most gridlocked city

Global traffic scorecard names Montreal the Canadian city with the most traffic jams in 2016, while LA takes the prize for all of North America

Canadian gov't to spend $7 million installing EV charging stations

The federal government has awarded AddEnergie a $7-million-dollar contract to build 1,000 EV charging stations across the country by 2019

Tesla will pay to repair Model S used in heroic driving feat

The driver of a Model S who used his car to stop an incapacitated motorist’s vehicle will have his car’s repair bill covered by Tesla

Italdesign returns to making exotics with Lambo-based supercar

This carbon-fibre-bodied race car for the street will be one of just five built, and first for new Italdesign Automobili Speciali brand

2018 Ford Fiesta ST launches with near-200-hp three-cylinder

American hot-hatch builds upon previous car’s success with a lighter, more potent engine, fresh sheet metal, and a more refined interior

Man drives car into Toronto subway station, causes major delays

Directionally challenged driver causes significant delays for thousands of commuters after getting his SUV stuck in a streetcar tunnel at Toronto’s Union Station

Ford offers GT buyers even lighter Competition Series model

In making its flagship performance model lighter, Ford hopes to add weight to the GT’s go-fast credentials

GM to build, test thousands of autonomous Bolt EVs in 2018

American automaker purportedly plans to build thousands of self-driving Bolt EVs in 2018 in an effort to edge out competitors

Ludicrous: Tesla remove its cars' performance restrictions

Automaker’s new software update lets owners okay excessive wear on their motor in order to pull off 2.28-sec zero-to-100 km/h blasts

Toyota RAV4 crossover may spawn a compact off-roader

Japanese automaker says new Trail trim will test the marketplace for a RAV4 variant with serious off-road credibility

Tesla's nav system will now display how busy chargers are

EV automaker has updated its on-board mapping system to include information on the availability of chargers at its many stations

Quebecois VW owner sets car ablaze freeing it from snowbank

This talented 24-year-old’s attempt to free his Jetta from the snow using his skateboard ended with the car burning to the ground

You can now sign up for Porsche's Sport Driving School in Canada

Stuttgart’s sports car superstars are finally bringing their flagship driver training program to Canadian go-fast fans

Canadian-owned Jaguar XKSS could net $16 mil at auction

Rare British roadster expected to sell for at least $16 million USD when it crosses the auction block next month

You can now buy new Mini Cooper body shells

Oxfordshire-based company is producing brand-new classic Mini Cooper body shells, ready for classic Cooper builds or restorations

Ferrari is still the world’s most recognizable auto brand

Italian sports car maker ranks number one in the world in terms of automotive branding, loyalty, familiarity, and reputation

10-year-old buys her ’55 Chevy Bel Air dream car

‘Old soul’ 10-year-old girl bought a classic Chevy Bel Air after selling crafts to save for the purchase

Nissan's off-road cargo van is how you know your parcel will get there

Nissan and Ian Johnson have teamed up to build an NV cargo van with the heart of a Titan XD heavy-duty pickup truck

The 2017 Camaro ZL1 is now the fastest Chevrolet for sale

Pony car with 650-horsepower LT4 V8 makes 198-mph top-speed run, matching current Corvette Z06

Behind the scenes: Media day at the 2017 Toronto auto show

Ever wondered what you’re missing on the media-only day preview at events like the Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS)?

New Brunswickers arrested for being towed through drive-thru on couch

Pair of inebriated Maritimers on a sofa get pulled through a fast-food drive-thru by ATV; police chase ensues

Judge rules city must return $3 million in speed-camera fines

Ruling upholds earlier verdict that speed-camera fines are unconstitutional

Ferrari's 812 Superfast is the fastest, most powerful car it's built

The Italian supercar manufacturer’s latest car, debuting at the Geneva auto show, commemorates the brand’s founding with a 788-hp V12 engine

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross sticks old nameplate on new metal

The Japanese automaker is borrowing the badges off its iconic sports coupe for its new crossover SUV, a move purists call blasphemy