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Latest automotive news

How did this weathered-looking old Porsche sell for $3 million?

With only 10 kilometers on the odometer, this fully-trimmed RSR race car is a Porsche time capsule to 1993

Yes, this guy got ticketed for doing 88 mph in a DeLorean

Unfortunately, instead of travelling through time, though, Spencer White got pulled over by the po-po

Porsche is upset at people for collecting its cars

A frenzy of ‘car-flipping’ has seen pricing skyrocket on the German automaker’s popular GT sports cars

Hamilton, Winnipeg home to some of Canada’s worst roads: survey

Wide-ranging weather conditions mean Canada’s roads take a beating, and CAA has once again named the worst

New Brunswickers scared to death of this young woman's car

Since Hannah Fleet bought a used hearse, she’s been harassed by the town’s by-law enforcement and drivers

These are the 10 cars most likely to have been in an accident

WikiLender has put together a list of the cars most likely to have suffered damage in collisions

Firm develops electric pickup to handle Canadian climates

The Canadian division of Havelaar Group has unveiled an all-electric pickup truck that goes 300 km on a charge, and is built to stand up to winter’s worst

Electric cars will be cheaper than gas ones by 2025: study

U.K. study says EVs likely to become more affordable than gasoline-powered counterparts within the next decade

Crash test of LEGO Porsche proves brick-cars pretty unsafe

The demolition of a Porsche 911 GT3 RS LEGO Technic toy car may have some mini-figs rethinking their transportation

Could the Nissan Kicks be the new Juke?

Nissan launches all-new small crossover in South America, prompting rumours of the Juke’s demise

Toyota claims SUV land speed record at 370 km/h

Japanese automaker heavily modifies its Land Cruiser SUV to produce more than 2,000 horsepower for the record

New Rolls-Royce Sweptail is unspeakably expensive

We don’t know exactly how much this one-off costs, but reports suggest it may be the most expensive new car ever sold

Watch: Wisconsin woman foils carjacker with action-movie heroics

When somebody started driving off in this woman’s Subaru at a gas station, she jumped on the hood and held on

Can't identify that car? Blippar can help

Tech company Blippar adds a car-ident function to its well-known smartphone app

Man charged after taking dog through car wash in truck bed

Surveillance footage shows the dog subjected to high-pressure water jets and strong cleaning agents

This ‘Barnacle’ is the new high-tech way to trap parking offenders

Those who play parking roulette could end up with the high-tech Barnacle stuck to their windshield

BMW reveals stunning Concept 8 Series in Italy

An all-new coupe wearing a familiar name serves as a taste of what BMW has in store for 2018

This one-off Plymouth Barracuda boasts four doors

After falling in love with the concept of a Barracuda sedan, David Walden and Steve Been made it reality

This Canadian-car pioneer thinks car dealers should sell art

Malcolm Bricklin, the man who brought Subaru to North America, wants to sell art through high-end car dealerships

U.S. government sues Fiat Chrysler over alleged diesel software cheat

Fiat Chrysler has been accused of illegal emissions software tampering in its diesel SUVs and pickups

'Discovery centre' in Toronto wants you to test-drive all the EVs

Located in Toronto, the centre’s aim is to give people an opportunity to test-drive EVs and promote their adoption

Biker ends up on speeding car's trunk, “can’t believe you right now”

YouTube video of bike ramming into reckless Camry driver drives home point of checking before changing lanes

Ontario police now shooting GPS-tracking darts to end car chases

The OPP’s new dart launchers are a James Bond-esque solution for reducing the need to give chase

Shelby launches new F-150 Super Snake

American tuning shop says 750-horsepower F-150 Super Snake marks “return of the Shelby muscle truck”

Uber launches autonomous car research hub in Toronto

California-based ride-share and self-driving car company is opening a research hub in Toronto

Mercedes-Benz drops diesels from 2017 lineup

The German automaker says delays in emissions approvals have forced it to ditch its U.S. diesel plans