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Latest automotive news

Volkswagen mulls bringing T-Roc compact crossover to Canada

Small crossover is already confirmed for Europe and the U.S., where it will slot in below the Tiguan

Hyundai one-ups Volvo with stacked-car feat-of-strength

Canadian arm of Korean automaker shows off vehicles’ structural rigidity by stacking eight cars atop one another with no deformation

Jesse James puts Nazi Beetle on eBay with $525,000 asking price

American TV personality posted his Nazi-era Beetle – believed to have been owned by Hermann Göring – on eBay with a staggering opening bid

Lexus dealers named tops in customer service satisfaction

J.D. Power’s latest customer satisfaction survey puts Lexus and Buick on top of the heap, while FCA’s brands languish at the bottom of the pile

All-new 'Top Gear America' TV show launching later this year

Re-imagined automotive TV show will cover the latest cutting-edge sports cars alongside legendary American classics

Toronto bar serves up St. Paddy’s brews on smashed-car coasters

Last Friday, one Toronto whisky bar started serving libations on coasters made from cars wrecked by drunk drivers, driving home the message “Arrive Alive”

After pleading guilty in U.S. court, VW is now a convicted felon

German automaker pled guilty to conspiracy, obstruction of justice and introducing imported merchandise by means of false statements

Ford adds pedestrian detection tech to Mustang, F-150

Two of the automaker’s most recognizable models gain a collision avoidance system designed to “see” pedestrians in the dark

Subaru sends ‘Boxersled’ down Swiss bobsled run

Rally car piloted by championship-winning driver Mark Higgins survives a trip down the Olympic bobsled run in St. Moritz, Switzerland

Next-gen Porsche Cayenne to get 680-hp turbo-hybrid drivetrain

The German brand’s boss confirms its big SUV is set to receive the same turbo treatment as the Panamera sedan

Golf cart takes on 1,050-hp Corvette in eighth-mile race

‘Busakart’ takes on modified Corvette at the drag-strip with $1,000 on the line and gives ’Vette driver a lesson in power-to-weight ratios

Bugatti's Niniette yacht is like a waterborne Chiron

French automaker has teamed up with renowned yatch-maker Palmer Johnson to create a vessel just as special as its four-wheeled counterpart

You can now drop $71,000 on a new smart fortwo, courtesy Brabus

The German tuning house has built a speedy, spendy version of the two-seater for money that would buy, well, a lot of cars that are faster

Audi makes surreal car calendar using scale models

Annual calendar produced by Audi showcases incredible creative photography skills using miniaturized cars in elaborate sets

Yes, California's actually outlawed custom plates with '69' on them

The California DMV is reminding motorists ordering customized plates that if you want ‘69’ on them, your car better be from that year

Barrie dealer's new-old Cadillac Allante for sale, now $30,000 off!

How much is a never-driven Cadillac Allante worth? This seller refused a six-figure offer before his staff listed the car for $78k

The new AMG hypercar? Its F1 engine will only last 50,000 km

Benz performance arm says its new Project One hypercar will feature a lightly modified F1 engine that will regularly need replacement

Electric car speed record of 336-km/h set in modified 'Vette

American custom EV manufacturer Genovation has bested its own previous electric speed record with a new top end of 336 km/h

Cadillac CTSes will soon be able to talk to each other

Later this month, the GM luxury brand is rolling out a vehicle-to-vehicle communication system to be installed in every CTS

Rolls-Royce grinds up diamonds for super-sparkly paint job

After two months of laboratory testing, English luxury brand Rolls-Royce has created its first diamond-encrusted paint finish

Nissan Micra Cup to return to Canadian racetracks in 2017

Japanese automaker’s spec series blends economy and affordability in an action-packed championship

Toyota planning performance line with reborn Supra and MR2

The two well-known nameplates will join the 86 to give Toyota a full range of performance models, just like in decades past

Pope Francis chooses Nissan LEAF over Tesla Model S

What Would Jesus Drive? Well, when the Pontiff was given the choice between being gifted a LEAF or a Model S, His Holiness chose the LEAF

Thief casually steals car from repair shop during business hours

In a brazen car heist, a thief stole a vehicle from a repair shop by simply driving it right out the door

2018 Volvo XC60 gets new look, new tech, new drivetrains

The Swedes give their compact crossover a thorough makeover that promises to bolster its position as the brand’s global best-seller

Car thief asks victim for stickshift lessons so he can steal his car

An 18-year-old car thief was captured by police in Cleveland, Ohio after attempting to steal a car equipped with a manual transmission