York Regional Police constable Amy Oliver surprised a crowd of car enthusiasts gathered at a car meet in Vaughan, Ontario on June 8 with an impromptu law enforcement-themed rap, reports CBC News.

Oliver was invited to the stage after organizers of the event learned of her penchant for spitting sick rhymes. She was at first hesitant to take center stage, but when the crowd started chanting “YRP” – for York Regional Police – well, duty called.

Her message was one of inclusivity and relationship-building with the community—with a heavy dose of humour mixed in.

“I like my donut frosted cream and my coffee double-double, I’m trying to drink it hot before someone starts trouble,” rapped Oliver.

“I 100-percent agree in love and equality, I want everyone to feel free and feel like they can come to me, without saying police don’t care.”

Oliver was attending the event organized by the Strada car club as a paid-duty officer, meaning her attendance was privately paid to provide security for the event.

Thousands have watched the video clip of her rap on YouTube as it’s gone viral across the web.

Oliver’s clever rhymes and back-beat have been widely celebrated as her performance visibly made a positive connection that car enthusiasts don’t always associate with police.

“I didn’t realize how viral it would go,” concluded Oliver.

(CBC News)