Environmentalists who want to make their “final trip” emissions-free can now make funeral arrangements that include the use of a Nissan LEAF “Eco-Hearse,” according to Green Car Reports.

U.K. funeral home Leverton & Sons commissioned the modification of a Nissan LEAF in order to create the electric hearse.

Given the smallish interior dimensions of the LEAF, a novel design had to be implemented in order to fit a full-size casket. The front and rear passenger seats have been removed in order to allow the casket to stretch the full length of the interior, with the deceased positioned alongside the driver.

In a novel move, the passenger side doors have been replaced with an all-glass window, allowing full view of the casket from outside the vehicle.

Three LEAF Eco-Hearses have been built by custom car shop Brahms Electric Vehicles Ltd. Two were sold to funeral homes while the shop kept one as a demonstration model.

At about one-third the price of a Jaguar or Mercedes-Benz hearse, the LEAF hearse offers a cost-competitive, economical option when it comes time to complete the “circle of life.”

While not the first EV hearse on the market, the LEAF EV hearse certainly stands out from the typically drab lineup of undertaker cars with its futuristic styling and peacefully silent operation.

(Green Car Reports)