Porsche has announced the arrival of its Porsche Sport Driving School (PSDS) in Canada, with courses beginning in May at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, in Bowmanville, Ontario.

PSDS is the third of the automaker’s driver training courses to be made available in Canada, following its Performance Tour street, track, and off-road experience; and the Camp4 winter driving course.

But of the three, PSDS is the most comprehensive, welcoming drivers ranging from those who simply want to learn better car control to more hardcore individuals aspiring to get a racing licence.

The sport driving school puts participants behind the wheel of “a selection” of Porsche sports cars with certified race driving instructors in a two-day training course. Based on our experience at previous Porsche driving events, that means you’ll likely get seat time in cars like the Cayman, Boxster and 911 models.

A sports car is designed to translate a driver’s input as accurately as possible, but no matter how well-sorted the car is, its performance will only ever be as good as the skill of the person in the driver’s seat. Porsche says the point of PSDS is to teach its students that accuracy in steering, throttle and brake inputs is directly related to car control, speed and, most importantly, safety.

At the Precision level, course content starts with basics like seating position, and progresses through exercises conceived to teach effective braking, maintaining a racing line, oversteer, and understeer, weight transfer and efficient use of the car’s traction and stability control systems. It all culminates in a guided drive and an assessment of your driving style.

From there, drivers can move on to learn more advanced techniques in the Performance, Master, Master RS and Master RSR levels, the last of which is where you’ll end up if you’re gunning for a racing licence.

Registration will open soon for the first of the Canadian offerings, on May 23; and the last of the season is September 12. Pricing for the entry-level Precision course is $2,495, which includes a hotel room, but you have to make your own arrangements to get to Bowmanville.