The next hypercar to roll out of Bugatti’s manufacturing facility after production of the Chiron wraps will be a hybrid, company CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer confirmed late July in an interview with AutoCar.

The boutique automaker’s current hypercar, the Chiron, is powered by a quad-turbo 8.0-litre W16 gasoline engine, producing a mammoth 1,479 horsepower. It whips every one of those horses to the maximum in order to swing its speedometer to its record-setting top speed of 420 km/h (261 mph).

But topping the Chiron’s performance will require electric motors, working in concert with Bugatti’s maniacal quad-turbo engine.

“Electrification will happen,” said Dürheimer.

“The next car is a long way from being developed, but the way battery and electric motor technology is moving on – as well as regulations – it seems certain that the next car will be electrified in some way. It will still be too soon for a full electric car, I think—but electrification will happen.”

Part of Bugatti’s engineering challenge in designing a car that bests the Chiron’s performance lies in thermal management. In this respect, a hybridized drivetrain could be advantageous, offering an immense torque boost when gunning for top speed, without adding to the car’s cooling challenges at lower speeds.

Still, the Bugatti boss thinks the Chiron may never be topped in terms of outright performance.

“[There] will probably never be a car with the pure mechanical capabilities of the Chiron. The fact is that it may never be beaten in pure mechanical terms [and that] makes it incredibly desirable,” concluded Dürheimer.