The driver of a Ford Mustang crashed into a crowd of bystanders at the somewhat prophetically named “Big Bang” car meet held in Bellflower, California August 19, clearly injuring some attendees before the crowd turned on him and his car.

A multitude of Mustang drivers devoid of car control skills have notoriously been crashing out of car meets – and into crowds – for many years, earning the Mustang a derogatory reputation as an unwieldy car in some circles.

Of course, the Mustang is a well-engineered sports car that is easy to power-slide—it’s the wayward antics of the drivers, their disrespect of the law, and their lack of skill behind the wheel that is to blame.

The driver of the Mustang can be seen under-steering his car into the crowd during a failed attempt to drift his vehicle; the crash does not appear to be intentional.

Given the egregious murder of a protester at a recent political rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, where the driver of a Dodge Challenger intentionally rammed into pedestrians in an act of vehicular homicide, sensitivities are running high, and bystanders at the car meet immediately reacted to the crash by surrounding the Mustang, attempting to immobilize the driver.

As seen in video footage of the crash, it appears the driver attempted to flee the scene of the crash, with an angry crowd eventually attacking the driver and his car, punching at the driver, stomping on his hood, kicking the Mustang and throwing objects at it.

It’s not clear if the driver has been identified, charged and arrested for his dangerous driving resulting in bodily harm, but we sincerely hope the long arm of the law catches up with him.

(Street Influenced via Instagram)